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Dwayne Haskins Preseason Debut Review

The long-awaited NFL debut of Dwayne Haskins has come! How did he fair? Let’s find out!


Although Haskins’s touch throws are still a work in progress. He flashed some impressive ball placement down the field. His aggressiveness to sling the ball all over the yard was very encouraging as well.

Some thought he was too conservative in college because he would (at times) shy away from riskier throws. However, he played with a different mentality on Thursday night. His willingness to push the ball down the field and contest tight windows was evident.

Lastly, I admired how Haskins used his legs. He made a nice throw on the move and evaded a sack while picking a positive gain. His lack of mobility was arguably his biggest knock. But, he looked much more comfortable moving around than he ever did at Ohio State.


Unfortunately, Haskins’s positives were outweighed by inaccuracy and mental mistakes. I know I mentioned that he flashed some superb ball placement. But he struggled with his accuracy for most of the night.

On this interception, the decision was poor (this receiver was clearly not open) but the throw itself was even worse. The ball was off the mark by a good six yards.

Overthrows were a reoccurring theme of the night. Which is somewhat concerning considering vertical inaccuracy was one of his major flaws at OSU.

In addition to the accuracy woes, the NFL game looked too fast for the former Buckeye. There were too many times were Haskins kept his eyes on one part of the field or got stuck on a progression.

It was clear that he made it a priority to get the ball out in a hurry. But, his desire to play with a quick trigger got in the way of going through his progressions when his initial reads weren’t open.

This play is a great example of what I am talking about. The defense is in man coverage and the linebacker was on top of the running back’s route. Yet, Haskins forced the pass anyway and it was picked off.

He must be more willing to scan the field and go through progressions. Or he will continue to make poor decisions like this.


Dwayne Haskins might not have begun his pro career the way he wanted to but that doesn’t mean the sky has fallen. This was just one rough performance that is going to help him get better in the long run.

It also is important to realize that most rookie quarterbacks struggle with the same kind of things. So, it would be ill-advised to draw any definite conclusions from this outing.

Haskins just needs to continue to steadily improve throughout the pre-season, and hopefully, his development will be trending upwards once the regular season starts.

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