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What WWE Did Right At SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam 2019 is officially in the books. SummerSlam had a very awkward build for most of this card and was very underwhelming at times in the lead up to WWE’S yearly summer extravaganza. With the monumental changes happening in the WWE and with the signings of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman, many people wondered how this card would actually perform and what storylines would come out of SummerSlam. While the show had some underwhelming moments, WWE did a very solid job on a few specific storylines and matches. Lets examine the good things WWE did at SummerSlam 2019:

Bray Wyatt’s Return
The return of Bray Wyatt has been highly anticipated and fans have been clamoring for it for months. The Fire Fly Fun House videos have been nothing short of amazing and showed a creative genius that hasn’t been seen in years. Bray Wyatt committed himself to getting in shape, redesigning his character, and made his character the most talked about and anticipated character in decades. Fans have been wondering so much about where this character would go and we got some very profound answers at SummerSlam. From the initial walk out to his mannerisms throughout the match, Bray showed an improved in-ring performer and a completely evolved character that has all the fans salivating for more. The entrance was a breathtaking spectacle complete with reconfigured music that fit his character perfectly and had everyone in attendance in complete awe. The lantern replicating his face was strange, creepy, and clever. Wyatt’s entrance was a spectacle that needs to be seen multiple times to appreciate the genius of it. To his credit, Finn Balor did a tremendous job with his facial expressions and selling of the fear he had for this new and improved Bray Wyatt. It has been documented that Balor requested some time off, and this match was an excellent way to write him off of Television for a period of time.

The work in the match was fast-paced, hard-hitting, and it showed a new and improved ring worker in Wyatt. The way Bray worked in the ring was done to perfection for how his character of The Fiend should be working in matches. While it was very close to being a squash match, the stage was designed for a potential match in the future of The Fiend versus The Demon when Finn Balor returns from his sabbatical. Where does the character of The Fiend go now? Will we see The Fiend every week or a softer version like we saw on the Firefly Funhouse videos? Lots of questions will be answered soon and the fans will be surely waiting with high anticipation to see what’s next for Bray Wyatt!!!

Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins
First I must admit that I can be a harsh critic of Seth Rollins and where he stands on the card as the main event player for WWE. I have never really been too much of a fan of his in ring work and his sub par mic skills and promos that he gives each week. Something about Seth Rollins doesn’t resonate with me as a main event player and his title runs have been consistently underwhelming at best. With that said, I felt the lead up to this match at SummerSlam between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins was done to perfection. During the lead up to this match, Lesnar came out looking like the Beast that he is and destroyed Seth Rollins on a weekly basis. Lesnar looked to be the dominant champion that he should be always portrayed as with the excellent booking and delivery of this feud leading up to the main event match at SummerSlam. This can be attributed to both Lesnar and Rollins and the skills that they both possess when given the opportunity to shine. I was very unclear on how the match would be delivered by both competitors and was very skeptical that it would be an entertaining contest between the two.
This match was done to perfection and was a fast-paced and high action affair throughout the whole contest. Lesnar takes a lot of heat often from the WWE Universe due to his contract and not always being on Monday Night Raw each week and pay-per-views every month. Truth be told, fans overlook how good Brock Lesnar really is due to their disdain for him not being there each week. Brock Lesnar consistently is one of the best sellers in the business and has been flawless in his role as a dominant heel throughout his tenure in the WWE. In this match, both competitors brought their A-game and delivered an epic match that had the crowd on the edge of their seat and the audience at home also on the edge of their seats. This was a hard-hitting and fast paced match and really highlighted how good both of these competitors can be when given the opportunity. Rollins winning the belt back was very surprising to me and may not have been the right move in my opinion. I would have liked to have seen Brock move on to some different competitors and some of the better options such as: Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, a healthy Bobby Lashley, and potentially Kevin Owens down the road. With the win Rollins is afforded another opportunity to prove that he can be the face of Monday Night Raw and be an actual draw for the WWE. Will Lesnar receive another title shot in the near future? Will this feud continue or be picked up later on? Lots of questions are left to be answered after this match. One thing is surely evident after this match, both Lesnar and Rollins performed impeccably and stole the show at SummerSlam.

Final Thoughts
The final match and the perfect execution of Bray Wyatt’s new character saved SummerSlam from being an average card. While SummerSlam was not a barnburner throughout the show, it had some good moments and the final two matches made SummerSlam an entertaining show. Personally, I look forward to seeing if some new title challengers will be showcased on both SmackDown and Raw in the men’s and women’s division. I also look forward to seeing the development of Kevin Owens character and if the WWE will finally strap a rocket to Owens and give him the push that he deserves as a main event player in the WWE. With all of the changes in the structure of management for Raw and SmackDown brands, the next few months should be very interesting for WWE fans. Also, with AEW set to debut on TNT in October there will be a new spark and rivalry that may reinvigorate the wrestling world again. All I know is as a wrestling fan there’s lots of good things on the horizon for all of us that love this business.
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