Chicks Dig the Long Ball (and the Royals Do Too)

Courtesy of Duane Burleson, Associated Press

It is no secret that the Kansas City Royals are not historically a home run team, as Mike Moustakas set the club record in 2017 with just 38. If you were as blissfully unaware as I was in 2017 then it might also surprise you to know that home run record is the lowest single season total in all of Major League Baseball. As a matter of fact, the next lowest total is 41 from the New York Mets. However, in the most recent stretch of baseball games, something different has been happening with the team from Kansas City. The Royals are hitting much more home runs than usual. This was especially true on this last road trip to Boston and Detroit. So what feels so different about this year?

Could we see the record broken already?

As of August 12th, Jorge Soler has hit 35 home runs. That number comes after hitting two in the recent series win against Detroit. As a result, this means that Soler could potentially tie or break the record during the homestand against the Cardinals and Mets. The thing that may prevent it happening during the homestand is that Kauffman Stadium has a massive outfield. It has larger dimensions than a lot of the ballparks in which Soler has been hitting straight dingers in. On the season, of the 35 home runs he currently has, only 14 of them have come at his home ballpark. Nonetheless, I think he will be okay and will still likely break the record in front of the home crowd.

More power in the lineup

Soler is not the only one hitting for power in this lineup this season. On the most recent road trip, Hunter Dozier got in on the action as he had 3 multi-home run games! That crazy stretch has pushed Dozier’s home run total to 22 on the season. In addition to Dozier, Whit Merrifield has 14 home runs and Alex Gordon has 12 to help add to the team’s home run total. These players have helped push this team’s home run total to 125 on the season.

Changing the lineup

While the Royals might already have a little more power in the lineup than in the past, there is still more that can be added. At some point this season, likely September, we could see the addition of Brett Phillips to the lineup. Phillips has been tearing it up in Triple-A this season. He started the season struggling at the plate a bit, but has still managed to get to 18 home runs on the season. This has caused Royals fans everywhere, including myself, to anxiously await his arrival.

Rewriting History

A piece of history was already made on the last road trip when the Royals set a franchise record with 22 home runs on the road trip. Hunter Dozier also became the first player in Royals history to have three multi-home run games. Jorge Soler is ready to make even more history for the ball club. Royals fans all want to see him break the team’s home run record during this homestand. The fans will definitely be packing the stadium for these games against the Cardinals and Mets. If they are lucky, the Kauffman faithful could see Soler and the Royals continue to make history with the long ball.

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By: Jorden Miller
Twitter: cap_jrm


  1. Shae

    August 13, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    Could the low record be explained by the size of Kauffman? Like, isn’t it an abnormally large field? Since half of their games are there every year, that to me makes it seem like it’s justifiable for them to have such a low record. Their “home field advantage” isn’t giving them any advantages in breaking this record

    • Jorden5

      August 14, 2019 at 3:35 pm

      The size of Kauffman definitely plays a huge part in it I think. It is not a hitters friendly park at all. When you compare it to the short right field in Yankees Stadium its easy to see a difference!

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