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The Deal between McGregor and Masvidal

Multiple sources have always followed Conor McGregor around to get a hint at his next fight. However it’s always tricky to try and pinpoint what match McGregor may take. The prime reason is Conor is in a rare situation that no one else is. 

Conor holds all the cards and can certainly influence who he fights next. McGregor is making three figure checks, and it’s not from fighting. The checks come from anywhere regarding his sponsorships and his Proper Twelve business. The point is Conor has the money to stop his fighting career in its tracks. So does the Masvidal fight have a real shot?

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The Latest Word

The latest speculation from multiple sources have included a potential matchup between McGregor and Masvidal. All the attention rose after Jorge Masvidal recorded the fastest knockout against Ben Askren on UFC 239 Jones vs Santos. Soon after the record breaking night Masvidal declared he wants a title fight or a shot at The Notorious Conor McGregor.

Unfortunately for UFC fans this fight is unlikely to happen in the eyes of Dana White. The reports brought out Dana saying Jorge Masvidal is “too big” for McGregor. However, it’s hard to count this scrap out because doesn’t all of this ring a bell?

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McGregor Dealing Tactics

The UFC is a huge company and is very healthy financially speaking. Part of that is from the success and match making of McGregor. Think back to the Nate Diaz beef with Conor. It has the chance to be just like that situation. On UFC 196 McGregor did something that no one else has done in the UFC before, which was move up two weight divisions. 

In an absolute astonishing move, McGregor made the jump to challenge the youngest Diaz brother, Nate. UFC 196 would end with the shocking submission made by Nate Diaz in round two to defeat Conor McGregor. However, McGregor was able to land the immediate rematch and settle the score with Diaz. The ultimate point being McGregor has some pull in his next opponent, and even though the comments by Dana White are clear, Conor just may get what he wants. The world may not know what Mystic Mac wants, but whatever he does, he most likely will get it.

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Staying Hungry

McGregor’s last appeared in the octagon was on UFC 229 as the Russian lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, welcomed him back in the UFC. McGregor was later submitted in the 4th round and his return to the lightweight throne was denied. This hasn’t kept Conor out of the gym however, as he and his lead coach John Kavanagh have reunited and are ready at a moments notice. Kavanagh stated that after UFC 229 Conor would have to prove to him that he was still motivated in order for him to corner McGregor. 

The two sides are now back together and ready to make another run, but for who? The Khabib rematch is the fight Conor is sure to want the most at this point, however Khabib has said McGregor should get back in the win column before another bout. So would Masvidal be that guy?

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