Trade rumors-Washington Wizards and the Miami Heat

There have been rumors for weeks about the Miami Heat wanting to pull off a blockbuster trade . The talent is starting to increase in the Eastern Conference. The Heat just lost basketball legend Dwayne Wade so they wanted to fill the spot for this season and beyond.

What are the Heat trade rumors to get them back to playoff competitiveness?

The Heat have been trying to bring Bradley Beal and John Wall over to Miami. This will load up their backcourt along with Jimmy Butler.

Bradley Beal had his best season last year. He averaged 25.6 points a game, 5.5 assists a game, and 5 rebounds a game. The seven year shooting guard will be on his fourth season of a five year/$127,171,313 contract which is a payday that the Wizards don’t want to be stuck with while they are in rebuild mode. He stands to make $27,093,019 this coming season.

Bradley Beal in a Washington Wizards uniform dribbling past a defender.
Bradley Beal is the most underrated player at his position.

The Miami Heat also wants to have the chance to make nine year veteran John Wall an All-star player again. John Wall has had a solid career. He went to the All-star game five times and was a defensive second team member in 2015. Last season he had 20.7 points a game, 3.6 rebounds a game, and 8.7 assists a game. At one time he arguably was the best defensive point guard in the game.

John Wall in Washington Wizards uniform dribbling down the court now in trade rumors.
John Wall before his freak accident.

John Wall just resently signed a max deal contract worth 4 years/$171,131,520. This averages to $42,782,880 a year. Next season he will receive $38,199,000. The Wizards would like to get him off their books especially after Wall tore his Achilles during the season off the court.

What would make this trade feisable?

What will the Heat have to give? This team has so much young talent to give up. This deal would probably take shooting guard Tyler Herro, wing Justise Winslow, and power forward Kelly Olynyk to get it done. Bradley Beal and John Wall’s worth will warrant a few draft picks also.

In conclusion the Wizards look like a team wanting to rebuild and need inexpensive young talent. The Heat want a All-star backcourt which will cost them three max contract players. The Heat will also benefit immediately from this trade if it takes place. John Wall will be out for the year, but Bradley Beal will be effective out of the gates. In the long run it is a win-win for both teams.

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