Video of Conor McGegor allegedly hits old man over whiskey

In April of this year former two weight world champion and human headline Conor McGregor was up to mischief in his home country.
The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin was in for a surprise when McGregor entered with associates and approached the bar. Allegedly he wanted to buy patrons a round of his very own Proper Twelve whiskey but in the video an older gentleman returns the glass to the bar refusing to share a drink with McGregor.
You can see the pair exchange words before Mcgregor continues buying the round and downs a glass of his Proper Twelve whiskey. What we see next is McGregor throwing a punch at the gentleman and then being quickly ushered out of the premises by those he entered with.

Credit to TMZ who first broke the story.

The local authorities were notified and have stated they investigated but as yet no charges have been filed.

This incident does not come as a shock if you look at the former champions recent history that includes speculation of sexual assault charges that was covered March of this year by the New York times which can be found here.
Also in March of this year McGregor was charged with strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief for destroying a fan’s phone outside of a Miami nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

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