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New York Giants: Standouts & Disappointments vs the Bears

New York Giants

In the second preseason game of the year, the New York Giants put forth an overall impress display beating the Bears 32 – 13.

The passing game was consistently productive and at times impressive. As a unit, the Giants quarterbacks connected on 21 of 30 attempts for 270 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. The quarterbacks also added three runs for 28 yards rushing on the night.

The running game also clicked with multiple backs making impressive plays. The combination of Smith, Perkins, and Hilliman ran for 133 yards and one touchdown off 32 carries. Good for an average of 4.1 yards per run.

New York Giants Standout Performances

Eli Manning, 4/4, 42 Yards One Touchdown

Manning commanded the offense on the first drive of the night and displayed a strong and accurate arm. Head coach Pat Shurmur told the media he wanted his team to be aggressive and the offensive play calls certainly fell within that mold.

The first offensive play of the game was a well-thrown ball placed perfectly between defenders for a 20 yard gain to Cody Latimer off a play-action pass. Manning had a clean pocket that gave him space to step up and make a strong throw.

Eli also hit tight end Rhett Ellison on a nicely designed play that saw Ellison block and release into a route. Manning floated the ball over a blitzing defensive player and connected with his tight end for a gain of nine yards.

Golden Tate was the recipient of Manning’s third pass on a crossing route that went for six yards. Manning had another nice pocket to work within and stepped up for the strike.

On Manning’s fourth throw, he hit Bennie Fowler for a touchdown after Paul Perkins did a nice job picking up a blitzer. Fowler fought through a tackle and made it into the endzone.

Overall, Manning looked very comfortable and in command of the offense. His throws were extremely sharp and on target while he was on the field. Manning also displayed his ability to read defenses and make changes at the line of scrimmage.

Daniel Jones, 11/14, 161 Yards One Touchdown, Two Fumbles

Jones had some ups and downs during the game but displayed resiliency. He fought through two fumbles to put together a second impressive outing in a row.

On his first pass, Jones hit Fowler on a timing route. It was a nice throw into tight coverage for a first down after being backed up by a holding penalty. He came back with a second completion on his next pass after showing the ability to go through his reads and make a check down to his running back Rod Smith.

Jones’ next throw was one of his best of the night. He hit Cody Latimer on the left sideline for a gain of 40 yards with a perfectly thrown ball that dropped right into his receiver’s hands.

On the very next play, Jones had a well-snapped ball but came out from behind the center a bit too quickly. He was never able to fully secure the ball which resulted in his first fumble.

The next three passes for Jones were all incomplete. He had an under-thrown pass to Tate, an incompletion to T.J. Jones, and had a very catchable pass that hit tight end Scott Simonson in the hands dropped.

The next play of the game resulted in Jones’ second fumble of the evening when right tackle Slade overran his block.

Jones never saw the defender and had the ball ripped out of his hands. Quite a rough five-play stretch for Jones but his response is what got him in this category.

After his second fumble, Jones responded by reeling off eight straight completions for 100 yards and one touchdown. His best throw of the evening was his touchdown to T.J. Jones.

He had excellent placement on the pass, throwing a pylon fade over a defender to give his receiver a perfect pass for the score. Jones was efficient with the ball and ran a perfect three-minute offense. He was able to score with 1:14 left on the clock before halftime.

Jones showed off the willingness to stand tall with rushers in his face, great ball placement, and very good accuracy on multiple levels. One of the most impressive things Jones has showcased is his ability to put different velocities on his passes depending on the throw and situation. He also fought back from two turnovers to post an overall impressive stat line.

Jones has put together a very nice preseason thus far. In two games, Jones has completed 16 or 19 passes for 228 yards and two touchdowns. To go along with those numbers, Jones is also sporting a 12 yard average per pass and a quarterback rating of 151.8. All strong numbers for the sixth overall pick.

Paul Perkins, 6 Carries 35 Yards, Two Receptions 30 Yards

Perkins showed off a nice mixture of vision, speed, and power throughout the game. He had very little wasted movements, often making one cut and hitting the hole. Perkins also showed off good hands and a nice juke to make a defender miss and get free on the sideline after catching a screen pass. He also had a key blitz pickup on Manning’s touchdown toss.

Nate Soldier, Mike Remmers, Will Hernandez, Nick Gates, and Spencer Pulley

The Giants offensive line looked to be taking steps in the right direction. However, there were a few players who stood out for the starters and backups.

Soldier made several nice blocks while he was on the field. On the first drive of the game, he completely stonewalled the defender working against him several times, giving Manning time to work and opening up lanes for the running game.

Mike Remmers held down the right side of the line and excelled with his run blocking in space. He got off a key block on Rod Smith’s 17-yard scamper during the games opening drive.

Will Hernandez looks to have improved in his second season. He was able to create a consistent push and give his running backs space to work in. One play, in particular, he was able to anchor against a blitz and pick up a second man at the same time, effectively holding his own against two defenders.

When the backups came into the game, Pulley and Gates were both impressive. Pulley was part of a group of players that solidified the Giants offensive line over the second half of last season. He also had the highest pass-blocking grade of any lineman for the G-Men that season. If he continues to put together performances like that, he has a chance to make center position a very real competition with Halapio.

Gates had several nice blocks sealing off the edges of the offensive line, giving Jones time to throw the ball. There were a few plays that Gates ended with a pancake block of his man and showed off some impressive power.

Gates can play all five positions along the line and has a very real chance of being the Giants swing tackle to open the season. He consistently won with his blocking against the Bears and has the versatility to be a valuable addition to the roster.

T.J. Jones, 3 Receptions 32 Yards, One Touchdown, Three Returns 54 Yards

T.J. Jones showed up with his fore-mentioned touchdown grab from rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. During the touchdown play, he showed off the ability to read press coverage and delay his release to get instant separation from his defender.

T.J. Jones had some struggles with his punt returns, taking two attempts for only 11 yards. T.J. Jones redeemed himself with an excellent kick return where he gained 43 yards. After being a recent addition to the team, T.J. showed off the ability to contribute on offense and special teams.

Throughout two preseason games, TJ Jones is leading the Giants in receptions (9), receiving yards (104), and tied for the team lead in touchdown catches (2). Along the way, he has proven to be a reliable target with the ability to get open.

Ryan Connelly, 0 Tackles

Interestingly, Connelly is listed as a Standout without having one tick on the stat line. However, that’s exactly where he should be after an impressive performance.

Connelly was one of the most active defenders while the first team was on the field. He was tasked with calling the defensive assignments with Alex Ogletree on the sideline and made excellent reads on the offense. He redirected the running back on several plays, was in the offensive backfield incredibly quickly, and had almost zero wasted movements.

If the second-level defenders were able to capitalize on Connelly’s play, there would have been two third-down stops. Also, several additional plays that would have ended in a tackle for a loss for the Bears.

Giants Pass Rush

Throughout the evening, defensive coordinator James Bettcher dialed up blitzes and got pressure on the Bears quarterbacks.

Marcus Golden, rookie Oshane Zimines, and Olsen Pierre all came away with sacks. Lorenzo Carter came close several times and applied consistent pressure from the edge. Carter also forced a holding call when he used a nasty move to get under his blocker, if not for the penalty he would have also had a sack last night.

Dexter Lawrence, 0 Tackles

Our second defender to appear on this list without making a tackle. Lawrence showed a consistent ability to crash down and collapse the pocket. He was very strong anchoring the middle in the run game and showed off a nice slicing move to get pressure on the quarterback between the center and guard.

Lawrence played in several different spots on the defensive line and showed off strong hands to keep blockers off him.

New York Giants Players That Flashed

R.J. McIntosh, 2 Assists

McIntosh had a touchdown-saving tackle on the goal line and flashed as a pass rusher a few times. He also recorded a quarterback hit late in the game that led to an incomplete pass.

After missing his rookie season due to injury, McIntosh looks to be carving out a role for himself in the New York Giant’s defensive line rotation.

Alonzo “with the hussel” Russell, 0 Receptions

Russell didn’t make a catch last night but showed off his speed after Alex Tanny threw an interception that was on its way to becoming a pick-six. Russell outraced several other players and made a nice score saving tackle.

He also showed up on special teams when he forced a fumble on punt coverage. Even without a catch, that kind of determination is something that should serve him well as far as sticking on the 53 man roster.

Jon Hilliman, 16 Carries, 56 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 1 Reception, 3 Yards

Running behind the third-string offensive line, Hilliman showed patience while leading the New York Giants in yards on the ground. He showed a nice combination of speed and power.

C.J. Conrad, 1 Reception, 8 Yards

Conrad only made one catch on the night but was solid in his blocking on the edge. He also drew a penalty in the endzone when he split two defenders on a route and had a nice step. Had he not been penalized he very well could have come down with the touchdown.

With his blocking and catching abilities, Conrad looks like he will be a good addition to the tight end group.

New York Giants Disappointments

Chad Wheeler

Wheeler looks like he is still returning to form after dealing with a back injury in training camp. That being said, his game yesterday did not provide much confidence that he could be the swing tackle for the Giants in the upcoming season.

Wheeler was often overpowered in his run blocking and gave up a sack in pass protection. Wheeler displayed bad feet and technique, often getting caught taking extra steps and opening up versus rushers.

Lorenzo Carter, One Tackle, Two Assists

Carter got placed in this category for his lack of ability to make plays on the second level and for giving up the edge. There were multiple plays were Ryan Connelly made excellent reads and burst into the backfield redirecting runners.

Carter also drew a personal foul penalty for making contact with the quarterbacks head. The play itself looked innocent enough but will be called every time in the NFL.

Nate Stupar, Two Tackles, One Assist

Stupar flashed on special teams and in the fourth quarter but had a sure interception go straight through his hands. Had he made the pick chances are he would have returned it for an easy touchdown. I don’t think Stupar is in any danger of losing his roster spot. Due to his special teams play, he could have made a big impact on the game.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Giants were impressive in their second preseason game. The passing game was clicking, the running game was productive, and the blocking was good. Had Jones not had the two fumbles, the final score would have likely been even more tilted in the Giants favour.

Several players from the first, second, and third-team flashed, showing off good depth at multiple positions. It looks like there are a variety of reasons to be optimistic for the upcoming season and the future in general after two strong drafts and a wealth of youthful talented players on the team.

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