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Ryan Finley Turns in Best Rookie Performance

Ryan Finley helps the Bengals beat the Redskins on Thursday night

Thursday night the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Washington Redskins 23-13. Week one the starting offense controlled the ball well, but this week they didn’t look good. There were tons of penalties on the offensive line. Starting Quarterback Andy Dalton couldn’t get in a rhythm. Things didn’t look good till rookie quarterback Ryan Finley came into the game.

Ryan Finley turned in one of the best performance of all the rookies during the preseason

Ryan Finley played a flawless game per Brian Baldinger.

The game all of a sudden turned into a flawless miracle. Finley threw 20 completions out of 26 for 150 yards. At one time he completed nine of ten passes and one was a drop. He threw for two touchdowns in the process.

The great game-time decision making is a surprise due to the fact that during minicamp he was uncomfortable with the offense. Ryan Finley steps into the pocket with ease always keeping his head straight viewing the whole field. He checks off to his second and third options as if he played in the league for years.

His best trait is the complete control of the play-action pass. Most rookies fake to the running back and take too much time to get their head looking down the field. They usually over exaggerate the fake. When Ryan fakes the handoff he allows time for the linebackers to bite. His head is already viewing the field and completing an easy pass to his tight end.

Does Finley look like a legitimate starter?

Quarterback Ryan Finley number 5 throws in the pocket.
Ryan Finley turns in a excellent performance.

He looked as flawless as can be for a rookie. This is preseason but it would be great to see him take snaps with the first team in the dress rehearsal game next week. Regardless, it looks like the Bengals found their backup quarterback. Andy Dalton’s contract is up in 2021. It looks like the Bengals may have found Andy Dalton’s replacement if they choose not to extend him.

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