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NFL: Are We Jumping the Gun on Jimmy Garoppolo?

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How did we feel about Jimmy Garoppolo‘s performance last night? In week three of the 2018 season, Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL. The 49ers had just signed the man to a five year $137.5 million dollar contract. Tonight was the first night back from injury as the 49ers set out to play in Denver, Colorado against the Broncos. The night started off rough for the superstar quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance wasn’t great during his first game back from injury. Going 1-6 for 0 yards and 1 interception, the quarterback seemed a little rusty. Denver’s defensive line deflected two of his passes. Bradley Chubb applied a ton of pressure on Garoppolo, Joe Staley could not do a thing to stop him. One could say the line looked poor because the team was also missing a few offensive linemen that night.

The interception that Garoppolo threw was caught by cornerback Issac Yiadom of the Denver Broncos. Garoppolo’s receiver was running a deep in route and the quarterback made a poor throw to the outside of the wide receivers body. The defender made an athletic play on the ball to force the turnover, but Garoppolo felt the pressure from the right side from Bradley Chubb. The quarterback threw a risky throw under pressure and paid for it.


Look this was one game and his first from coming off a major injury. It was a far from stellar performance. We can’t look too deep into preseason when the offense is not going to be performing at their full capacity. He is going to be fine, he just needs to get in-game shape mentally. My money is that we see Jimmy Garoppolo look like his old self sooner rather than later.

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