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DWCS Week 9

Tuesday night was a great night full of brilliant performances in the DWCS. There were a lot of young kids in there looking to get the finish along with a contract. However the contracts were very slim, and Dana stayed committed to his statement. He reminds everyone that whomever he chooses goes straight in. With some deep divisions at this time, Dana wasn’t ready to hand the young kids the pen tonight.

Phil Rowe fought in the featured bout of the DWCS

Contract Earned- Phil Rowe

Rowe was fighting Leon Shahbazyan, in the featured fight of the night. Phil Rowe came in as the longer man in this fight carrying an 80 inch reach. The first round however didn’t go his way at all. Rowe got caught with a tremendous right hand that had him dazed. He was able to use his amazing footwork and defense to finish the round. In round two Rowe stuck to his game plan and stayed composed to land some nice shots. Leon was able to muster a takedown late in the round to limit the damage and head into round three.

Keeping the Momentum

Rowe’s corner was stressing him to keep momentum heading into round three. He did just that with an amazing combination that dropped Shahbazyan, allowing Rowe to get the finish. To cap off an amazing finish he was rewarded a UFC contract, the only one of the night. Phil has got the skills and swagger along with massive potential as he is UFC bound.

Pouges defeated Brigagao in the DWCS

Honorable Mentions

Jamal Pouges coming in as light heavyweight looked very solid in his fight. Going up against an undefeated Marcos Brigagao, only made his win better. He dominated the entire fight with multiple takedowns and controlled the ground game. Along with the stellar wrestling, Pouges also had laser fast hands in the striking game. He successfully landed a flush head kick while Brigagao was trying to get up. 

Jamal won the fight by unanimous decision. UFC hall of famer Michael Bisping, had Pouges getting a contract. However when Dana made the decision public, Jamal fell just short. White said that he would love to see him have more appearances and experience. He also added that this is best for Pouges rather than handing him over to the “savages” of the division.

Martin found success in the DWCS

Mallory Martin

Mallory Martin came in as the second fight of the night. She was up against Micol Di Segni, a furious striker looking to get the finish. Right out of the gate Micol came out swinging. Her shots had massive power, however only a few succeeded. Mallory stayed calm and kept her composure and didn’t let Di Segni rattle her.

Mallory was able to take down Di Segni and land some hard shots there. Di Segni was obviously not comfortable on the ground and wanting to keep the fight standing up. Martin was very polished in every aspect of the game, and she showcased a great fight. Dana White loved her performance, however wants her to gain more experience.

Garcia missed weight in the DWCS causing his chances to get a contract to diminish

One Costly Mistake

Steve Garcia most likely would’ve been rewarded with a contract. However Garcia missed weight which was a huge point to note for Dana. Garcia took full responsibility for his actions and understood White’s reasoning. Despite the mistake Dana as well as others couldn’t deny the talent he possessed. 

Garcia had the first finish of the night, and it was awesome. He picked his shots very well and put together brutal combinations. His intense pressure on his opponent, Desmond Torres, was enough to get the stoppage in round one. It’s a shame to know that the weight held back Garcia from the contract. Dana saw real potential in this kid for the future. He will look to better his weight cut and take care of business outside of the octagon.

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