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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Injury Concerns

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a rookie third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays . At the age of 20, he is already having some knee problems. During last Saturday’s loss against the Mariners he left the game with mild discomfort in his left knee. The MRI taken shows that he has inflammation in the knee. This is only a mild concern for a third baseman and with his age there should be no reason to panic in the short term. Vlad has been listed day-to-day but will finally be traveling with the team for this week’s series against the Dodgers. He will get presumably get the start.

Potential for Position Change

Inflammation of the knee on a third baseman could be a concern in the long run. There won’t be a move to first base in the near future due to Vlad’s age. The Blue Jays training staff will likely get him through this with little to no long term effects. The injury is described as very mild in nature. In the long run Vlad will improve his defense at third base which moving him to first will just lose his value with the glove. He is still only 20 years old after-all.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in white Blue Jays jersey throwing the baseball.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. showing great strides in becoming a up and coming third baseman.

Performance at Third

Vlad shows promise at the third base position with his arm strength and accuracy. The mobility is not his strong point, as his -8.8 UZR suggests. In 75 games at third base Vlad Jr. has 14 errors that has resulted in a .929 fielding percentage. Even still, given his age there is time for him to improve and become better at the position.

As for the bat, it plays at the position. Vlad struggled when he first came up from the minors but now he is feeling very comfortable at the plate. He has played 34 games since the All-Star break. During those games he is batting .328 with a .956 OPS. He has hit six homeruns, and 29 RBIs.

This is the highlights of Vladimir’s month of July.


There is no need to worry about moving Vlad Jr. to first base, currently. He will be the starting third baseman in the next series against the Dodgers. In the minors he worked hard to improve on his defense and should not change due to a mild injury this early in his career.

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