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Brock Hoffman and his fight with the NCAA

Brock Hoffman shows deep admiration and love for his mother. He has the same admiration and love for the game of football. The NCAA has something to say about this, here is the story.

The Waiver

Brock Hoffman is a former Coastal Carolina offensive lineman. His mother fell sick due to a non-cancerous tumour in her brain. In order to be closer to his mother, he had to sign a Family Medical Hardship Waiver in order to transfer.

Brock Hoffman needs the college football community to support him getting eligible.

The surgery removed the tumour but caused some repercussions. She has facial paralysis, hearing loss, and eyesight damage. She will never be able to fully recover from this.

The NCAA declines his eligibility

On Tuesday, August 27th, the NCAA rejected Brock Hoffman’s waiver. This makes him ineligible for the 2019 season. He immediately submitted an appeal. The reason for the rejection is mainly due to living five miles outside the required 100-mile radius from the institution. The NCAA should have a decision on his appeal by next week.

Brock Hoffman is caught in NCAA’s double standards

In today’s age, there is a total lack of compassion. The college game of football is a passionate game yet the governed body does not care. A player wants to transfer close to home to be close to his ailing mother. The NCAA looks away. A player like Tate Martell didn’t get the starting role in miami but gets an immediate transfer because of being a gifted quarterback. Brock could have requested a transfer because of the problems at head coach at Coastal Carolina. That would have given him an immediate transfer. All he wants is to be eligible. He isn’t taking over the starting position.

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