Cavaliers Unveil New Courts and Uniform for Fiftieth Season

There have been new uniform and court leaks all over the league recently. We’ve seen a few retro jerseys and courts for different teams. The Cleveland Cavaliers have just revealed their Nike “Classic” uniforms for this season. Below, let’s take a look at them.

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It is a throwback to the 90s when Cleveland wore a similar uniform in Gund Arena. It is an interesting choice for a throwback jersey. There are a lot of other Cavalier retro jerseys to choose from. I’ve heard mixed opinions on the uniform so far, but personally I love it. I definitely see it as a purchase in the near future if my wallet allows it, of course.

Classic Court

50th Season Court
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The Cavs will wear the new uniform in their home opener. The court design will be different in the opener as well as the other seven games that Cleveland will play in the uniforms. The court is very similar to the one it is paying homage too. The fiftieth anniversary logos are placed inside each three point line. We also get our first look at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse watermark on a court.

Fiftieth Anniversary Court

50th Season Court
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To go along with the classic court, Cleveland will sport a fiftieth anniversary court. It is to my belief that the Cavs will use this as their court all year, aside from the classic games. Fifty years as a franchise is an exciting milestone to celebrate. The Cavs will celebrate it all year on a brand new wine and gold court. It is great to get some fresh looks while Cleveland rebuilds it’s team.

What are your thoughts on the new designs? Discuss it here. For more NBA content, check out our basketball section. Follow me on Twitter as well as Overtime Heroics.

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