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Draft Kings NFL Week One


Week one is here! Lets take a look at some of the best players to use on Draft Kings for the Main Sunday slate. I will break down each position by price and match up. Where to pay up, where to get a bargain, and how to spot a sleeper. I also include players to fade.


TOP LEVEL FADE: The highest priced quarterback on Sunday is the reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes ($7200). Mahomes and the Chiefs get the tough matchup starting the 2019 season in Jacksonville. Last season, the Jags allowed 194.6 Passing Yards per Game, 2nd best in the NFL. When these teams met Mahomes was held to his season low passer rating of 62.8 Additionally, this was the only game last season where Mahomes did not throw a touchdown pass, despite throwing 50 on the season. Last year he struggled at home, I’m going to pass on Mahomes in Jacksonville.

MID-LEVEL CASH: Kirk Cousins ($5500) gets to start the season at home against the Atlanta Falcons. Cousins is coming off of a disappointing season, in which the Vikings missed the playoffs. Luckily, he gets an ideal matchup against the Falcons week 1. In 2018, the Falcons finished dead last in Fantasy Points per game against the QB position. Last season, Atlanta allowed 259.6 Passing Yards per game, which ranked 28th in the league. At $5500, Cousins will not break the bank and can easily throw for 300 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Jacoby Brissett steps in for Andrew Luck

BARGIN BIN: Andrew Luck‘s retirement shocked the league, as he closed the door on the NFL. In Indianapolis, the door opened for Jacoby Brissett ($4400) to take over as starter. The Colts open the 2019 season in Los Angeles against the Chargers as 6.5 point underdogs. It’s worth noting that in 2017, 9 out of Brissett’s 13 touchdown passes came on the road. Unfortunately, Brissett faces a Chargers’ defense that allowed 227.9 Passing Yards per game in 2018, 9th best in the NFL. Ultimately, at $4400, Brissett can be a great way to save salary to pay up at other positions.

Running Backs

TOP LEVEL CHALK: The two most expensive running backs are the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliot ($9200) and the opposing Giants’ Saquon Barkley ($9000). Clearly, both are poised to be have the lion’s share of their teams respective offenses. Either are safe plays and can easily go for 30+ points. However, if you want to differentiate from the pack look elsewhere.

TOP DOLLAR GPP: Christian McCaffrey ($8800) is by no means a sleeper. However, people are going to see that he’s playing against the Rams’ defense that allowed the 8th fews fantasy points to running backs last season. Yet, this game has an implied total of 49.5 points, which should allow for a lot of fantasy points. Ideally, enough people will be scared away that he can give you some leverage in big tournaments.

MID LEVEL CASH: I love Dalvin Cook ($6000) vs the Atlanta Falcons. Remember, do not be afraid to stack, especially against the Falcons. In 2018, the Falcons finished dead last in Fantasy Points per game against the RB position. Additionally, last season Cook averaged 5.05 yards per carry and scored his only two touchdowns at home. Also, it is possible we see an increased role for Cook in the passing game, with Stefon Diggs questionable.

Austin Ekeler (no Melvin Gordon)

BARGIN BIN: This week’s free square is Austin Ekeler ($5500). Ekeler is going to start for the Chargers against the Colts, with Melvin Gordon in the midst of a hold out. Ekeler gets a favorable matchup against the Colts’ defense, which ranked 25th in the NFL in Fantasy Points per week to the RB position. More importantly, Vegas has the Chargers as a 6.5 point favorite, which means they will likely run the ball to protect the lead.

Wide Receivers

TOP LEVEL FADE: As mentioned with Mahomes earlier, the Chiefs will have a tough match up in Jacksonville. This is bad news for Tyreek Hill ($7600). Hill was held to only 12.7 Fantasy Points, when the Jags came to Kansas City last season. Hill draws the hard match up of Jalen Ramsey, and I want none of it.

MID LEVEL CASH: Sticking with the Vikings theme, Adam Thielen ($6800) is in a great spot. The Falcon’s defense allowed the 3rd most Fantasy Points to wide receivers last season. This will open opportunities for Thielen, who lead the Vikings with 155 targets (31.5 of all Vikings passes) last season. Even Diggs doesn’t suit up on Sunday, lock Thielen into your line up.

Dede (not Russell) Westbrook

BARGIN BIN: The Jaguars may have finally found a franchise quarterback in Nick Foles. His main target is going to be Dede Westbrook ($4800). In 2018, Foles threw 70% of his pass attempts to the slot receiver. Last season, Westbrook ran a league high 441 slot routes, 92% of his snaps. Also, Foles only had 10 pass attempts in the preseason, and seven were to Westbrook.

Tight End

SANTA CLARA, CA – OCTOBER 7: Tight end George Kittle (#85) of the San Francisco 49ers makes a catch for extra yards during the fourth quarter of the game at Levi’s Stadium on October 7, 2018 in Santa Clara, California.

TOP LEVEL CHALK: In 2018, George Kittle (6600) became a star for the 49ers. Kittle lead the NFL with 873 Yards After Catch. and lead all tight ends with 1377 receiving yards. That was without Jimmy Garoppolo starting at quarter back. These two finally get to take the field together week 1 in Tampa Bay. They will face a Bucs’ defense that gave up 259.4 passing yards per game last season, which ranked 27th in the league. Kittle is about as safe of a play as it gets.

BARGIN BIN: Delanie Walker ($3500) missed most of 2018 with an ankle injury. He will likely go overlooked because of that and in general the Titans’ offense does not jump off the screen. The Titans open the year in Cleveland and face a very hyped Browns team. The Titans could be battling from behind, which should lead to more passing.

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