Same Old Result for the Browns in the Opener

After all the hype and all the talent, it was the same old result for the Browns in week one. When Baker took over against the Jets in game three last year, he started breaking all the Browns losing streaks. He also began to instill confidence in this team and organization that they could compete with anyone. Then came Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon from the Giants. This year will be different. Then boom, the same old result for the Browns in week one since 2004. Perhaps they are that bad? Maybe these players let it the hype creep into the locker room. This might be the wake-up call that the players and coaching staff needed going forward.

The Gameplan

It looked great on that first drive, didn’t it? False gold. The Browns played right into the strengths of the Titans. They played with fire all day against one of the best secondaries in the NFL and finally got burnt in the fourth quarter. The Titans are not the team to throw the ball 38 times against. The Titans defense came in with the 18th ranked run defense in 2018. What do you think should have been the focal point? I know what I thought because I wrote it on Friday. Attack this team with Nick Chubb to set up the passing game. Or what finally was used more in the third quarter. Chubb needed 20+ carries for this team to be successful and he had 17 for 75 yards. Freddie and the coaching staff need to be better next week.

The Offensive Line

Once again, looked great that first drive. Once again, false gold. Seems to be the theme of the day. Think John Dorsey is on the phone today looking for more help? Ok, ok maybe a bit of an overreaction to a good defense. Hopefully, this is the worst performance of the year from this group, but serious questions abound. Chris Hubbard was downright embarrassing, and Greg Robinson decided he didn’t want to play anymore so he kicked a Titan in the head. If that wasn’t enough the line gave up four sacks and le Tennessee pressure Mayfield all day. And everybody was worried about right guard. The interior of the line had a solid performance, but the tackles made sure to screw it up. Trent Williams? Only half kidding. The coaches will need to get this figured out before week 2. Maybe give Justin McCray a chance?

The Defense

Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The score was worse than this defensive unit played. Three interceptions in the fourth quarter didn’t help. Or the fact the offense stalled for nearly the entire game after the first scoring drive. They also had the chance to help this team overcome a bad performance with the score 15-13 and 2:10 left in the third quarter. The result? A 75-yard touchdown by the Titans on a screen to Derrick Henry. That can’t happen when your offense is finally giving you a chance. Steve Wilks will need to clean up the poor tackling and constant over pursuit if this unit is going to improve since they will face one of the better dual-threats in the NFL next week in Le’Veon Bell.

The Same Old Result

As the title of this article says, the same old result for the Browns in Week one. The good? It was the first game, and the Browns can certainly rebound against the Jets. The Bad? It was nowhere near the way you want to open a season of hope. Freddie and the coaching staff have a lot to clean up before the Jets in primetime next Monday. For the sake of Brown’s fans sanity everywhere here is hoping they figure it out. I have told you this was going to be a wild ride in 2019 well they hit the bottom of the hill week one, now can they climb back up in week two.

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