What Will It Take For Taylor Hall to Re-Sign With the Devils?

Taylor Hall is a star for the New Jersey Devils. Just two years ago he won the Hart Trophy with 39 goals and 93 points. Hall will be an unrestricted free agent after the 2019-20 season and it looks like he might be playing for a new team. So what will it take to convince him to stay in New Jersey? Here are five things that need to happen.

5. Offer a Large Contract

Hall is currently being paid six million dollars, it’s hard to turn down a high paying contract so Devils general manager Ray Shero should probably offer him a nine million-dollar contract on a five to seven year term.

4. Hall Needs to Find Confidence and Play Well

Nico Hischier and Kyle Palmieri need to play well to help him boost confidence. If he has help from his team he’ll want to stay on the Devils.

3. The Devils Need to Make the Playoffs

We all know there’s nothing like being on a good team and if the Devils make the playoffs next year, Hall will be ten times more likely to stay on the team. This starts with the whole team playing well. Hall wants to see the entire team making a push to the playoffs. After all, he did say “We lack some talent” so he definitely needs to see the whole team making an effort to make the playoffs.

2. Make Hall the Captain

If the Devils make Hall the captain he’ll feel respected and he will be a lot happier in New Jersey. If he’s the leader, that could go a long way to convincing him to re-sign.

1. Hall Needs to Stay Healthy

Hall is very prone to injuries. Last year he suffered a knee injury and only played in 33 games. In those games, he had 37 points so that shows how important he is to the team. He needs to be a lot healthier as he has four seasons where he played under 70 games and that’s not including the 2012-13 half-season.

All in all, Hall is a very talented player and it would be a huge loss for the Devils if he went to another team.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Devils are much improved this season. If Hall stays healthy, then I can see them making the Playoffs. Hope to see Hall have a great season.

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