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Browns Keys to Victory Against Rams

It’s week three in the NFL and the Browns get the LA Rams on Sunday night Football. Here are the Browns keys to victory against those Rams.

Under Pressure

(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Queen sang it, and the Browns will need it. We all know what Sean McVay, Jared Goff, and the rest of the Rams offense are capable of and the best way to slow them is pressure. Goff, like most quarterbacks, makes mistakes when under pressure. The difference between Goff in a clean pocket and under pressure is astounding. Per Bill Barnwell in mid-December of 2018:

.The bigger issue is with Goff struggling against pressure. In 2018, Goff has posted an 83.8 Total QBR when he’s unpressured, the fifth-best mark in the league. When he is pressured, though, Goff’s QBR falls all the way down to 11.3, which is just between Marcus Mariota and Josh Rosen for 25th in the league. That 72.5-point slide is the biggest drop-off for any quarterback in the NFL.

Bill Barnwell ESPN

If that isn’t enough proof, then head over to Football Outsiders and check the numbers for yourself. Stop Goff you slow/stop the Rams offense.

RUN Nick Chubb

What’s the definition of insanity again? I have been preaching, get the ball in Chubb’s hands more since the outset of the season. There is a reason for this; the teams we are facing were not great against the run in 2018. The Rams are another team that is vulnerable to the run as they ranked 23rd against it in 2018. By using this as a focal point of the attack, you determine the flow of the game. Also, you keep the Rams offense on the bench. Finally, this limits the impact of the best defensive lineman in the NFL in Aaron Donald.

If there is a game this year where the run game will be enormous in helping you win the game, it’s this one. Kitchens spoke earlier this week and said he needed to get Chubb more involved so let’s hope he keeps to it come Sunday night.

Be Disciplined

The Browns have had 27 penalties in two games this season. While I understand this has been an issue in the entire NFL this year, you have to be better. Well coached winning football teams don’t play undisciplined football. They don’t lose games by losing there head. Myles Garrett must fix his issues and be more playmaker and less penalty maker. The Rams are one of the most well-coached teams and they are already explosive enough without help. The Browns must be the same and play there best game of the year to have a chance.


We have our second Browns primetime game of the year, so I should be very efficient at work Monday morning. Above I gave the Browns keys to victory on Sunday night but right now I think the Rams are too good of a team for the still finding themselves Browns. The Rams come out ahead in this one with a 24-14 win over the Browns on Sunday night football.

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