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NFL Power Rankings After Week Three


At this point, you guys know the deal so let get right to the NFL power rankings after week three.

NFL Power Ten

1. New England Patriots(3-0)- It’s always the same. It’s the Patriots. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, moving on. Hold on a sec…now they don’t have Antonio Brown?

2. Kansas City Chiefs(3-0) – Old running backs, no-name receivers, it all works when you have Pat Mahomes running things. Now if Andy Reid could learn to keep the gas pedal down maybe they would be number one.

3. Dallas Cowboys(3-0) – 3-0 for the first time in the Jason Garrett era. Think about the teams he has had. 2-3 in the playoffs. Stay humble Dallas fans.

4. St. Louis Rams(3-0) – Sean McVay and Aaron Donald make it happen again.

5. Detroit Lions(2-0-1) – Wins over the Charger and Eagles. Also undefeated after three games. Sure we all predicted that. Maybe Matt Patricia is a mad scientist.

6. Green Bay Packers(3-0) – What do you expect from a coach that learned under young coaching god Sean McVay. Also, it doesn’t hurt having that Aaron Rodgers guy throwing the football. Hey, did you know we have another Aaron? He scored two touchdowns.

7. Buffalo Bills(3-0) – The Josh Allen rollercoaster continues to thrill the Bills Mafia with wins. The defense is really, really, good also.

8. San Francisco 49ers(3-0) – Jimmy Garoppolo is now 11-2 as a starter. All he does is win.

9. Baltimore Ravens(2-1) – Welcome to playing a good football team. The score looked good but we know what really happened. Can we now stop trying to put Lamar or ANY other young quarterback in with Pat Mahomes?

10. Seattle Seahawks(2-1) – It’s ok, everything is fine Cris Carson is only on pace for 16 fumbles this year.

Middle of the Pack

11. Chicago Bears(2-1)Mitch Trubisky played his best game of the year. We also still have a great defense. Must be a Superbowl team again.

12. Houston Texans(2-1) – Just think how good Deshaun Watson would be if the Texans could protect him.

13. New Orleans Saints(2-1) – Finally didn’t need 10,000 referees. They still have Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas in this offense.

14. Minnesota Vikings(2-1) – They still have Dalvin Cook.

15. Indianapolis Colts(2-1) Boo if you’re a Colts fan who thought the season was over when Andrew Luck retired. To soon?

16. Los Angeles Chargers(1-2) – Finally stopped typing San Diego. Good news, no need for Melvin Gordon. Bad news, we can’t seem to win.

17. Philadelphia Eagles(1-2) – Ok, seriously just one game without an injury would be nice.

18. Atlanta Falcons(1-2) – We’re not 0-3. We also have a great quarterback and will right the ship soon.

19. Tennessee Titans(1-2) – We would again like to thank the Cleveland Browns. Without you, we would be 0-3.

20. Cleveland Browns(1-2) – FIRE FREDDIE NOW!!! Wait, I thought they were going to the SuperBowl?

21. NY Giants(1-2) – Will we all be wrong about Dave Gettleman? I mean that was one hell of a debut.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(1-2) – Mike Evans was already a star. Jameis Winston still a work in progress and progress is being made.

23. Carolina Panthers(1-2) – Christian McCaffery is still really good. Who in the heck is Kyle Allen?

24. Jacksonville Jaguars(1-2) – Gardner Minshew leader of men!!

25. Oakland Raiders(1-2) – They gave this guy $100 million dollars to do this?

26. Arizona Cardinals(0-2-1) – Yep, this is the Kliff Kingsbury everyone expected. But, he knew Sean McVay…

Race for the #1 Pick

27. Cincinnati Bengals(0-3)Closer than last week but still 0-3.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers(0-3) – Five turnovers, we got FIVE turnovers.

29. New York Jets(0-3)Colin Kaepernick? Had to shamelessly promote our Pardon our Take article somehow.

30. Denver Broncos(0-3) – We should be 12 right now. We may have the pick of old veteran quarterbacks next year.

31. Washington Redskins(0-3) Why did we draft Dwayne Haskins again? Oh, that’s why.

32. Miami Dolphins(0-3) – They really are trying to win. Stop LAUGHING!!!

There are your NFL Power Rankings for week three. Be gentle.

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