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NXT UK Review 10/03/19

We are live at NXT UK with its new time slot of Thursday on the WWE Network, and we are set for a singles match to begin the show.

Match starts out slow, very technical with a lot of holds.

Isla really focusing on Nevin’s arm and is now attempting to connect a back suplex, but is unsuccessful.

Dropkick to Piper, but Dawn tries a crossbody and Piper catches her mid air and drops her with a poweslam.

Dawn is able to counter with a headlock from Piper with a suplex and lands a knee to the face to get a two count.

She follows up with a short drop kick and hits a double knee to Piper’s face to get another two count

Isla locks a headlock to start wearing Nevin down, but Piper gets back to her feet, throws Dawn across the ring, delivers a headbutt and finishes it up with the Michinoku driver for the win.

Post-Match & Comments

Nice match to start the show, with a lot of offensive moves by Isla Dawn, she looked really good in the ring.

Piper seems distracted, which means Rhea Ripley is still in the back of her mind.

We get a backstage segment with Ilya Dragunov and Alexander Wolfe.

The imperium member tells Dragunov that he will take his place tonight thus allowing him to take the night off and think about his future.

Could Imperium be looking to add a fifth member to their faction?

We are shown another backstage segment, and Piper Nevin is attacked by Jinny and Jazzy.

They leave Nevin lying on the floor, and Jinny screams that she will be the next NXT UK women’s champion.

Alexander Wolfe vs Saxon Huxley

Headlock by Saxon to start the match and he manages to take Wolfe down and locks in an armbar.

Wolfe takes off Saxon’s knee pad in the process and with the distraction takes control.

Saxon tries to fight back but is met with an uppercut and a suplex in the center of the ring.

Alexander immediately locks in a submission move, that gets the NXT UK crowd singing to pump Huxley up

Huxley gets to his feet, but is met with an enziguri. Wolfe goes off the ropes, and receives a pounce by Saxon, and both men are down.

Rights and left hands, uppercuts, dropkick, Huxley is now in control and the NXT UK Universe is behind him.

Boot to the face, but Huxley misses with another kick and Wolfe connects with a kick off his own.

German Suplex by Wolfe to set up his power bomb finisher and this match is over.

Post match and comments

Very interesting match with Saxon Huxley getting in a lot of offensive moves. He looked good in the ring and could have a good future in the brand.

I am interested in this angle with Wolfe and Ilya, haven’t seen a five person faction in a while.

Gallus ambushes the NXT UK Tag Team champions

Mike Bird, the godfather of the Wales wrestling scene, comes down to the ring and he is set to face Jack Starz.

Starz music hits, but it looks that he will not be able to continue, as he has been attacked by Gallus.

Gallus gets in the ring and tells Bird they are here to deliver a message to the NXT UK tag team champions and start to beat him down.

This causes Mark Andrews and Flash Webster to hit the ring, but not before Joe Coffey interferes and makes this a 3 on 2 attack.

Gallus takes out the NXT UK tag team champions and are left standing tall.

Post match & Comments

Mike Bird was really hyped up tonight and I wanted to see him wrestle.

I am a big fan of Joe Coffey, so I am glad he is back on NXT UK TV.

Can’t wait to see Andrews and Webster take on Gallus

Tegan Nox wants to make a statement at NXT UK

Match starts and both competitors exchange slaps, and after a couple takedowns, Nox is in control.

Snapmare by Tegan and she is now climbing to the top, high cross body for a quick two count.

The champ has had enough and starts walking to the back, but Tegan takes her out and drags her back into the ring.

Kay Lee Ray goes low and takes out Nox’s knee and she is now in control.

Lee Ray goes to the top, and misses a splash. Nox then avoids a dive from the champion and she has an opening.

Exchange of forearms by both competitors, but Nox has the advantage, clothesline, uppercut and enziguri combo and the champ is down.

Tegan goes to the top rope and connects with the Molly Go Round, but can only get a two count.

Nox’s knee seems to be holding but she falls victim to a tornado ddt for two count, and Lee Ray quickly locks a guillotine in the center of the ring.

Spinebuster by Nox to break the lock, but she shows some ring rust, and hesitates in going for the pin, that allows Lee Ray to lock the guillotine for a second time.

After reaching the ropes and breaking the hold, Lee Ray connects with slaps and punches on Tegan, but she quickly counters with a chokeslam for a near fall.

With momentum on her side, Tegan goes to the top rope, but the NXT UK Champion targets the knee, and is now calling for her finisher.

Counter, by Nox, and she connects with a Canadien Destroyer, 1..2.. noo

Nox then hits the shining wizard, but Lee Ray has her foot on the rope that breaks the pinfall attempt.

This makes Tegan snap a bit, she tries a kick on Lee Ray but hits the post instead.

This creates an opening for the NXT UK Champ and she connects with the gory bomb to win the match.

Post Match & Comments

It was a very entertaining match, and helps establish Kay Lee Ray as a fighting champion.

Tegan Nox looks great, and hope we get a re-match between this two really soon.

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