Premier League Week 8 Matchup Review and Power Rankings

Right before the International Break, week 8 turned out to be the best week in the Premier League so far. With a wide range of upsets and shocking defeats, this week tested the strength of teams and showed they need to step up their game. Let’s take a look inside one of the most exciting weeks in Premier League history:

Brighton 3-0 Tottenham

To start off the weekend, Brighton absolutely dominated Tottenham in every way. Tottenham was caught off guard as Brighton converted their chances early. Brighton scored two very early goals as Tottenham just could not get back in the game. This was Brighton’s first victory since the Opening Day of the season and they will want more wins. On the other hand, Tottenham is collapsing. They have been outscored in their last two games in all competitions 10-2 and this international break will be a wake up call.

Burnley 1-0 Everton

Everton’s struggles continue. They are currently in the relegation zone and look to be completely out of sorts. They have 5 losses and it just is not looking good for them. Alternatively, for Burnley, they were able to launch themselves up to seventh place and get a huge 1-0 win. If Burnley want to stay in the top 10, wins like this will have to keep coming.

Liverpool 2-1 Leicester

In the Match of the Weekend, Liverpool pulled off the win to keep them perfect on the season. They have eight wins out of eight and a last second penalty to save the game for Liverpool. Conversely, Leicester is still in fourth, but they were so close to salvaging a point from Liverpool. Leicester has an amazing upside to them and will want to get over this loss very quickly.

Aston Villa 5-1 Norwich

Away from home, Aston Villa pulled off an absolute dominant game against Norwich. Wesley scored a brace as Aston Villa dug themselves out of the relegation zone and into fifteenth place. Norwich is till stuck at the bottom of the table and have completely fallen under since their win over Man City. They both are near the bottom of the table and will need more help as they move into the international break.

Watford 0-0 Sheffield United

This draw leaves both teams in the bottom 10 looking for a something to grapple on to. Watford is still at the bottom of the table and do not have a win yet. They are trying to find the best way they can improve and an international break is definitely necessary for them to regroup. However, Sheffield United has had three draws and one win in their last four games and look to be trending up even if they are in thirteenth.

Crystal Palace 2-1 West Ham

This season both teams look severely improved, but Crystal Palace showed they were the better team. Away from home, they were able to lift themselves up to sixth place and beat the Hammers. Similarly, West Ham looked strong, but they just need that finishing touch to games. They drop down to eighth and are hoping to get themselves back to their previous position.

Arsenal 1-0 Bournemouth

Arsenal is now in third with this win and are right behind Man City. If they keep winning like this and Liverpool were able to somehow fall behind, Arsenal could be in the title race. Comparatively, Bournemouth has been on a good run and this is their first loss for over a month. This is not a huge blow for them as they can still continue to stay in the top 10.

Wolverhampton 2-0 Manchester City

Man City get upset again, but this time at home. Yes, Wolves were able to march into the Etihad and get all three points from Man City. To be honest, I am not that surprised. Wolves have been on a good run and this win propels them all the way to eleventh. A huge confidence boost for them. On the other hand, Man City is still in second, but are now eight points behind Liverpool. Liverpool may just be on the breakaway for the title. The real question is: Can Man City work their way to Liverpool? They did it last year.

Chelsea 4-1 Southampton

Recently, Chelsea have been finding their form. They have carried themselves all the way back to fifth place and look ready to keep winning. Being much more organized than earlier in the year, Frank Lampard looks ready to continue his challenges in management. Conversely, Southampton has not got a point from a game since September 14. They look to be struggling and will want the international break to reinvigorate themselves.

Newcastle 1-0 Manchester United

Another upset took place this weekend. Newcastle were able to take advantage of a faltering Manchester United team. Newcastle pulled off the upset with an ecstatic strike from Matthew Longstaff. Alternatively, Manchester United drop down to a dismal twelfth as this season does not get better for them at all. They will need to treat this break as a necessity because they desperately need to win games.

Power Rankings:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Manchester City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Leicester
  5. Chelsea
  6. Crystal Palace
  7. West Ham
  8. Bournemouth
  9. Tottenham
  10. Burnley
  11. Wolves
  12. Manchester United
  13. Brighton
  14. Sheffield United
  15. Aston Villa
  16. Southampton
  17. Newcastle
  18. Everton
  19. Norwich
  20. Watford

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