Scout School: QB, Nate Stanley

I know what you’re thinking. Why are you writing a post about the NFL Draft this early? Well the fact of the matter is, Draft prospects are preparing each and every week to be analyzed by pro scouts. Before the season even begins, scouts are preparing their list of prospects to go and watch and planning their itinerary. So, why shouldn’t I do the same? So, get ready for a lot of prospects over the coming weeks!

First up to be scouted is Quarterback Nate Stanley out of Iowa. He is a senior standing at 6’4” and 243 pounds. Last season his stat line was:

  • 59.3% Completion
  • 2,852 Passing Yards
  • 26 Touchdowns and 10 Interceptions
  • 136.46 QB Rating

This season he is almost at 1000 passing yards, eight touchdowns, and he had not thrown an interception this season until this week’s game against Michigan where he threw three interceptions. This week was really one of the worst games he has played at Iowa, so it will be interesting to see how he will bounce back after a tough loss. Also, I know his passing yardage is a little low but, if you have ever watched Iowa football, then you would understand that the reason it is so low is because of how the Hawkeyes run their offense. It is extremely run heavy offense. Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty about this guy.


The positive news is for the most part of his career, he has been a smart passer. I mean, just look at his TD/INT ratio last year.  This guy doesn’t make dumb throws. The majority of the throws that he makes are short passes within the range of 5-15 yards. Also, there are a great deal of screen passes and throws that he makes into the flats. His pocket presence seems good. It would be nice to see more mobility within the pocket. At times it seems that he can get rigid. However, Stanley carries himself well and he stands in the face of pressure to make his throws.

For the most part he seems versatile when it comes to his receivers. He throws to his backs, tight ends, receivers, etc. He isn’t picky about who he throws to. However, he does like to target his tight ends a lot, but if you have ever watched Iowa football you know that their tight ends are like receivers. Stanley also has the ability to throw the ball with a great deal of touch. I have seen him make some pretty good throws by being able to drop the ball right where only the receiver could get it. Lastly, when he has to run with the ball he can, but he’s no Mike Vick, let’s just say that.


I question his arm strength and his ability to fit the ball into tight spaces. To me, ball placement is an issue to me. I haven’t seen him throw the ball super deep. He doesn’t seem to have the arm that a guy like Patrick Mahomes has. He isn’t going to blow you away with crazy throws. It would be nice to see him throw the ball over 20 yards more often. If I am a scout I want to know that he can make the deep throw and hit it without a problem. Until then he has a lower value than the rest of the guys in the class.

My worry is that he won’t be able to adapt in the NFL and fit an offense. In my opinion, in order for him to do well in the NFL he is going to have to fit in a system like he was in during college. His leadership abilities are not a question for me because he is a leader, it’s just when I see him I don’t see a top tier QB. I predict an average NFL career to being just a backup on a team.

Pro Comparison: Daniel Jones

Even though Jones is brand new to the NFL, he is a pro now. I remember watching Daniel several times in college. Duke’s pro style offense included a lot of read options, options, and was overall a run heavy offense. He was a smart thrower who didn’t make stupid mistakes. He was a guy who didn’t go deep often but he was consistent. That’s what I see in Stanley. As of right now I have Stanley as a third or fourth rounder. But his draft stock has the potential to rise because the season is still young and we are quite some time away from the draft. But this is where I have him right now, and likely it is where he will stay.

One prospect down, another to go. Stay tuned for more Scout School!

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Austin Morris

My name is Austin Morris and I am a hardcore sports lover. I have a history of writing for the National Football Post and I am a graduate of two of their scouting programs. I hope you enjoy the content that I post and that you leave a more educated fan of football then when you came.

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