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Are the Cleveland Cavaliers the Worst Team in the NBA?

The short answer to this question is no. But, the Cavaliers’ 46 point preseason loss to the Celtics had me thinking: Is there an NBA team worse than the Cavaliers?

Am I Overreacting?

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There is a chance that I am severely overreacting to the final score of a preseason game. I do believe the Cavaliers have some young talent and that they’re building a strong core for future years. But, all fans want to see their team win, and I’m not sure we’ll see too many wins from Cleveland this year.

Minutes were spread around a lot in the blowout loss, but the main rotation players had most of the minutes Sunday. It worries me that Collin Sexton shot 1/8 and only had 4 points in 24 minutes (Although, coming off of a great game against the Pistons). Cedi Osman had 2 points in 24 minutes. Sindarius Thornwell was the only Cavalier who amassed more than 10 points on the day. If this is the way Cleveland plays all year, it is going to be dreadful to watch. I know it is only one game, but teams should never have games like this, even in the preseason.

Which Teams are Worse than Cleveland?

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When we really think about it, the Charlotte Hornets might be a lock for worst team in the NBA. After that though, there aren’t too many teams you can say the Cavaliers are better than.

The Washington Wizards, without John Wall and likely moving Bradley Beal, could be worse than Cleveland. They are not in a great situation right now, with a lack of talent and production. But, there is still a high chance they end up with a better record than Cleveland.

The Grizzlies, maybe could be worse, but only if disaster strikes. Jaren Jackson Jr. has already proven he’s going to be a talent in the league, and pairing him with the second pick in the draft, Ja Morant, makes for an exciting duo. But, more than likely, they end up with a better record than the Cavs.

Does That Mean Cleveland is the Second Worst Team in the League?

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As of right now, I’d have to put my Cavaliers as the second worst team in the NBA. This could easily change, and they could surprise people and end up winning upwards to 30 games. But, right now, there’s just no team other than the Hornets that can be called worst than Cleveland. The Cavaliers should be worried about development this year though, which is going to be key moving forward. Winning is always the biggest focus, and I do expect Cleveland to be better than people think, but the playoffs probably aren’t in the Cavaliers future for this year.

As for Clevelands record, I’m going to guess 24-58. This is a 5 game improvement from last year, which isn’t much. But, improvement goes a long way, especially in a rebuilding stage. It’s going to be an interesting year to see how the roster and rotations unfold throughout. But, patience is key for this young Cavaliers team.

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Tyler Shelt
NCAA and NBA Writer for Overtime Heroics
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