"> Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible. Now that Sports Gambling is becoming legal in more states and placing bets are easily accessible. you may be interested in trying your hand at the world of Sports Betting. Which is fine and its an absolute blast IF, you are prepared and knowledgeable.

Here are some simple tips to give you more confidence and help you Increase your chance at winning.

1- Start Slowly 

I know you may be excited and you want to dive right in and fully embrace the sports Gambling world. But my advice is to slow down, take a step back and learn the basics of this world to help get you on the path to success.

Another very important part of learning the business and taking things slowly is making sure your doing it for the right reasons. Don’t feel like you have to gamble just because your Friends are into it. If you do it for any reason other then because YOU want to do it. Its going to end poorly for all involved.

2- Learn The Basics

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

There are many words that you come across while looking up different bets, placing bets and researching each wager. you will need to quickly equip yourself with a strong “sports betting vocabulary” to make navigating this world much easier.

Here are some of those words that you will hear or see regularly in the sports betting world.

  • ATS (Against the Spread) – A term used to indicate the betting result of an event that takes the point spread into account.
  • Book – Short for “sports-book,” a book is an establishment that accepts wagers on sporting events.
  • Cover – The act of winning by enough to beat the point spread, in which case you have “covered the spread.”
  • Futures – A bet on a sporting event taking place well into the future. such as wagering on a team to win the championship during the regular season or even preseason.
  • Laying the Points – Betting the favorite by giving up points ATS.
  • Lines – Another word used for odds to describe a point spread or moneyline.
  • Moneyline – A wager selecting a team or athlete to win straight-up without a point spread involved.
  • OVER – When the amount of combined points/goals/runs scored by two teams finishes above the total posted by a sportsbook.
  • OVER/UNDER – A bet on whether the combined points/goals/runs scored by two teams will go OVER or UNDER a number specified by the sportsbook (also called the “total”).
  • Parlay – A bet in which multiple sporting events are selected, each of which must win in order for the parlay wager to pay off.
  • Pick’em – A game in which there is no favorite or underdog and the side simply needs to win straight-up without a point spread.
  • Point Spread – A set amount of points determined by the oddsmaker that the favorite gives or the underdog takes as a handicap to make the game more even.

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

3: Be realistic 

If your looking to Get deeper into sports, find a hobby or just hoping to earn some cash. then this MAY be for you. But you must be willing to put in the effort, study the teams, players and dig deeper into the bets. Many start betting with the wrong intentions. They intend to quit their day job and make a career in sports betting. Of course that sounds wonderful but going into this world with those intentions is a big risk. People get impulsive make large uneducated picks and then it hits them..”once the money is gone, its gone”.

Yes it’s a possibility to make a career out of it but you cant force it. You have to learn sports gambling inside and out, have the passion, mental strength. Truly, love the grind and just keep pushing until the career opportunity comes to you.

Don’t let slumps or the roller coaster highs and lows get you. Even the best bettors lose 40-45% of their bets. its a give and take business, the goal at the end of the day is to have taken more then you gave.

Right now just keep it simple and be eager to learn the ropes, expand your knowledge and just enjoy the ride. where that ride goes from here is all dependent on the decisions you make starting with your first sports-book deposit and bet.

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

4: Placing bets and consuming alcohol must be kept separate

When you place bets you want to be focused, think clearly and truly understand what your about to do. 

Sports in general have a relationship with drinking, which is fine, but do it after you place the bets. You don’t want to have an impaired mind set when placing these bets. Once they are in and the game starts, you cant get that money back.

If you do partake in drinking, This is how it should be done. Place some hot bets that you know will cash in, sit back, order your cocktail of choice. say cheers and enjoy the games.

5: Pick sports to bet on that you truly are passionate about 

Betting on what you know will help the likelihood of you making smarter decisions increase. Also if you enjoy that sport you will be much more motivated to study. truly learn lengthen ins and out of betting that sport.

On all the sites or brick and mortar sports books there are so many options of what to bet on. It’s like being a kid In a candy story. This can make you go out of your comfort zone and bet on sports or different prop bets that just are not your strengths at the moment. This is a great way start a down word spiral of losing money quickly,

Stay in your lane 

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

6: Go into this field with a financial plan

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

Set boundaries for what your willing to spend, this will help Control things from getting out of hand quickly. 

What about when you win? This is also where people fall prey to the game. They win and then just put it all back in plus some. This can be a very vicious cycle that gets out of hand quickly. 

decide on a percentage of your winnings that stay in your “betting bank” and a percentage to transfer to your real account. This will help the money you win be real. Remember, you may have started with $500 in your “betting bank” then you won and it got up to $1500. But until you put it in your personal bank account, it’s all just numbers on a computer screen. 

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask veterans of this hobby questions. Knowledge is power, the more knowledgeable you are, the higher your chances of winning will be.

Another important financial matter is finding a reputable site/sports book. The simplest and safest way is just to ask around. also don’t forget If a site sounds to good to be true…it probably is. Always take some time to think or research before committing.

I love sports Betting

It adds so much more intrigue to the games and over time it increases your knowledge on all things sports related. It also opens you up to a new Group of friends with the same interests and common goals. You just have to be careful. When money is involved it tends to change some people for the worse Don’t get me wrong. most are great people, that want to help you in your sports betting journey. So just stick with the people working with you and things will work out smoothly.

This arena of sports betting has pit falls and traps around every corner. That’s why you go into it with all the knowledge and confidence you can. This will help you avoid the pit falls and see the traps ahead of time.

Betting Advice For All: Take your time and learn as much as possible

Have some fun, Make some money and enjoy the ride 
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