Browns Keys to Victory over Patriots

The Browns face off against the undefeated Patriots this Sunday in Foxboro. Most of you might feel we skip the Browns Keys to Victory over the Patriots, take the loss and move on. We all understand the daunting task ahead of Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield. This article is a place where dreams happen so here is how the Browns win the game.

Once again, NICK CHUBB

Browns Keys to Victory

The Patriots defense has excelled at everything this year. They are the sixth-best pass defense and second-best run defense. And finally, they are only giving up an incredible 6.9 points per game. How do you beat the best defense in the NFL? You use your biggest weapon to pound at them repeatedly and hope to wear them down. Then you use play-action to get the ball downfield.

The Patriots don’t make mental errors and are coached by the greatest defensive mind in NFL history. This gameplan also allows the Browns to control the game and keep Tom Brady off the field. You’re not going to trick them and hope to win. Feed the beast and then take advantage of the openings in the defense that may bring.

No Turnovers

The Browns must play their cleanest game of the year. Penalties must be at a minimum. With these refs, the minimum is the best anyone is doing this year. Baker Mayfield needs to be on his A-game. He must be smart with the football, and the scheme must be the same. Freddie will need to keep the Patriots off balance with a mix of passing and rushing on any down. If the Brown’s offense can find itself against the Patriots, they could easily be the best offense the Patriots have seen.

Disciplined Tackling

We all know the jokes about Brady’s arm strength and how he never throws deep. Maybe the reason is he doesn’t have to. With pinpoint accuracy and receivers that are third-best in the NFL with the ball in their hands. Why do anything else? The Browns defense leads the NFL in missed tackles. The perfect recipe for a great day by the defense, right? They need to be better Sunday to have a chance against the number one scoring offense in the NFL. The players must be disciplined and stay within the scheme with clean, crisp tackling. If not, it will be a long day for the Browns.


The Browns come off the bye with questions hanging over this talented rosters head. Is Baker truly the answer being the biggest of them all. He will need to take control of this team and play to the level we have seen in the past of the browns stand a chance. Freddie needs to use his weapons, starting with Nick Chubb and attacking off his ability to beat down a defense. While the expectation is the Browns will be better coming out of the break, but it won’t be this week. The Patriots will beat the Browns 35-24 in Foxboro.

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