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Everything We Know About the BMF Belt-UFC 244

BMF Title

Last month we saw Dana White say that the winner of Diaz v. Masvidal will be awarded a special “BMF” belt. On November 2nd, we get to see two of the baddest fighters on the planet go at it for the first title of its kind. The title of Baddest Motherf***er.

Nate Diaz is coming off a win against Anthony Pettis, and we’ve seen his ruthlessness in past fights with Mcgregor and others. Jorge Masvidal is coming off a KO win against Ben Askren that came 5 seconds into the first round. On top of that, both fighters know how to promote themselves. These are the best contenders for the BMF belt.

Knockout Ben Askren BMF Belt
Jorge Masvidal knocks out Ben Askren via flying knee 5 seconds into round 1 of UFC 239. Credit: USA Today Sports

Dana White said he will have the belt present at MSG, and that the belt will be presented to the winner by none other than The Rock. Dwayne Johnson agreed to Masvidal on twitter to put the belt around his waist. This belt is looking to be worn around the fighters waist forever. When asked if the winner could fight someone else for the title, White replied, “No, it’s a one and done…whoever wins, wins the belt and claims the title of you know, BMF”. This fight will definitely be one for the books.

Update: Nate Diaz is Clear to Fight at UFC 244

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