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OTH Weekly NBA Power Rankings

Each week we will be releasing our weekly NBA power rankings. We know there are thousands (mostly wrong) power rankings every week that are released.

Our rankings are different in that they will be 100 percent correct or at least in the ballpark. I don’t mean an MLB ballpark either more like a single A park in Des Moines Idaho.

We will factor in current play, level of opponent for the prior week and of course writer bias ( just kidding… maybe). The first power rankings factor in play from the entire season until this point. Going forward it will be more based on the prior week.

Overtime Heroics NBA Power Rankings

Top Tier teams

  1. Boston Celtics 7-1
Despite the injury to Gordon Hayward having a resurgent early season, the Boston Celtics are on a seven-game winning streak. Enes Kanter is close to returning which will help upfront. Hayward absent opens the door for Walker to take control of the team and help weather the storm.

2. Toronto Raptors 7-2

Most experts and fans (including myself) did not expect much of the Raptors after the loss of Leonard and to a lesser extent Green. Pascal Siakam has emerged as the leader of the Raptors on both ends of the floor. Even with Lowry and Ibaka not playing last night they went into Staples and snapped the Lakers seven-game winning streak. There only two losses were on the road to the Celtics and Bucks

3. Los Angeles Lakers 7-2

The Lakers seven game winning streak was snapped Sunday night by the Toronto Raptors. Coming into the game the Lakers had the number defense in the league. Despite the loss the Lakers have been playing at an elite level. Anthony Davis and Lebron have taken turns dominating. The Lakers have also gotten contributions from there bench from players like Dwight Howard. The question is do the Lakers have enough depth to continue this hot start?

4. LA Clippers 6-3

The LA Clippers despite “load management” of Kawhi Leonard have started 6-3 on the year. With the usual great scoring of Lou Williams, the kinetic energy of Patrick Beverley and the all-out hustle of Montrez Harrel the Clippers have played well. Paul George is expected back this week so we may finally see Leonard and George together on the floor..

5. Utah Jazz 6-3

The Jazz have had an up and down season so far mostly up. They started 4-1 then two loses in a row ( one to the horrible Kings) and now two wins in a row over the Bucks and 76ers. Conley has had a slow start to the season as he gets used to his new teammates and surroundings. Bojan Bogdanovic has been a steal so far this year.

Not quite elite but still really close

6. Milwaukee Bucks 7-3

The favorite coming into the year to represent the Eastern Conference the Bucks have had a strong but shaky start. They still boast a top-flight defense Giannis is putting up MVP numbers again and the supporting cast is solid. They have struggled recently having to come back to beat a under man OKC team. A buzzer-beater loss to the Jazz was also a letdown but overall the Bucks are right on schedule.

7. Denver Nuggets 7-2

The Nuggets haven’t fully kicked into gear yet starting with Jokic. But with back to back game winners, they may be rounding into shape early. They are currently 27th in true shooting percentage but have a hefty 7-2 record.

8. Philadephia 76ers 6-3

With the recent injury to Ben Simmons, the 76ers have not had their full roster for most of the season. Joel Embid has been in and out of the lineup but Tobias Harris and Al Horford have been consistent all year.

9. Miami Heat 6-3

Another surprise so far this year has been the Heat. Off to a 6-3 start despite Jimmy Butler missing time the Heat has gotten solid play from rookies Tyler Herro and James Nunn.

Heading in the right direction

10. Houston Rockets 6-3

The Rockets have had a decent season so far. Franchise record 159 points in a win vs the Wizards has been overshadowed by an embarrassing blowout loss to the Heat. James Harden is still putting up video game numbers leading the league in scoring.

11. Phoenix Suns 6-3

Raise your hand if you had the Suns at .500 anytime this year. Despite losing Ayton to a 25 game suspension the Suns are off to there best start in years.

12. Dallas Mavericks 6-3

With Luka Doncic playing at an all-star level the Mavericks are off to a 6-3 start. Porzingis returns to the Garden on Thursday looking for revenge.

13. Indiana Pacers 6-4

The Pacers knew coming into the season they wouldn’t have Oladipo for a while but somehow even with the injury to Turner as well the Pacers have had a solid start at 6-4. Sabonis and Brogdon have been the driving forces so far.

14. San Antonio Spurs 5-4

Can you ever count out a Popovich team? The Spurs are right where the Spurs are always in contention. They don’t have top-level talent but they still have the “Spurs way” Aldridge has been the key so far this year he scores 20 or more they more than likely get the win.

Middle of the Pack

15. Minnesota Timberwolves 5-4

Andrew Wiggins may finally be living up to expectations and Karl Anthony Towns has been an early candidate for MVP so far.

16. Brooklyn Nets 4-5

Coming into the year everyone expected it to be the Kyrie Irving show. So far it hasn’t disappointed. Irving is averaging a career-high 30.0 points a game.

17. Portland Trailblazers 4-6

Even a 60 point game from Damian Lillard couldn’t secure a win last Friday for the Blazers. A season where McCollum has been more down than up and even though it’s early the playoffs are moving further away for the slow-starting Blazers

18. Oklahoma City Thunder 4-6

Even with low expectations coming into the year the Thunder has been competitive in most games they have played. A tough loss to the Bucks last night displayed how tough an out they will be every night.

19. Detroit Pistons 4-6

Griffin is set to make his return on Monday and he will join Andre Drummond in the frontcourt. Drummond has been the best center in the East so far if not the league through 10 games.

Bottom Tier

20. Charlotte Hornets 4-6

Yet another surprise this year has been the Hornets. They were projected to be one of the worst teams of all time. But with strong play from rookie PJ Washinton and Devonte Graham they if not anything has been a fun team to watch.

21. Atlanta Hawks 3-6

With the suspension of John Collins,it has become the Trae Young show ever night. With multiple rookies in the starting lineup, Young had been the lone bright spot so far.

22. Clevland Cavaliers 4-5

Kevin Love is back to all-star form and Collin Sexton is slowly starting to involve into a good player. A dominant performance in a win over the Knicks was a good indicator of how good Sexton can be.

23. Orlando Magic 3-7

The Magic seem like a team that is good enough to make the playoffs but that’s about it. Gordon has had some good moments but he still seems inconsistent. Johnathan Isaac may be the breakout star they were hoping Gordon would become.

24. Sacramento Kings 3-6

The Kings are the polar opposite of the Phoenix Suns so far. They are off to a slow start despite some preseason buzz. They may finally be kicking it into gear winning three of there last four games.

Going in the wrong direction

25. Chicago Bulls 3-7

A perfect example of the Bulls season. In there lost to the Rockets they came out on fire. Forcing turnovers and running the floor. The second half was a different story they couldn’t buy a bucket and fade down the stretch. This has been the story so far for the Bulls in most games.

26. New Orleans Pelicans 2-7

It’s hard to judge the Pelicans so far. They have not had number one pick Zion Willamson all year. Holiday has been in and out and they have an entirely new team.

27. Washington Wizards 2-6

Not much good has come from this season for the Wizards. One of the worst defenses in the league and getting worse by the game. One positive is rookie Rui Hachimura should have plenty of opportunities to play this year.

28. Memphis Grizzlies 2-8

In a first at least that I can remember a rookie has been put into load management 10 games into the year. JA Morant recently missed a game for load management. It makes sense considering he is the future of the Grizzlies franchise

29. Golden State Warriors 2-7

How the mighty have fallen. The Warriors were not the favorite coming into the season for the first team in a long time. They were not expecting this level of futility though. With injuries to Curry and Green,they have used eight different starting lineups so far.

Drumroll, please…….

30. New York Knicks 2-8

In a spot to familiar for NY fans the Knicks bring up the rear, scrap the barrel whatever analogy you want to use to describe another disappointing Knick season. At least they did beat Porzingis and the Mavs!

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