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Rematch Game Today! Patriots vs Eagles

The Past…

New England Patriots (8-1) and the Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) take the field today at 4:25 pm at Lincoln Financial Field for a rematch. As a matter of fact, the last time these two teams met was in Superbowl LI. Philly beat the Pats 41-33. As well as, it was the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win since 1960.

Future Prediction…

However, this Patriot fan doesn’t believe that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are going to let that happen again. By the same token, it may not be the Super Bowl: it’s the principle. In the past, I have witnessed that every time the Patriots go up again an opponent that has beaten them. They beat them the next time around and they make them pay. I’m predicting that they’ll do that today.

In addition, Philadelphia’s media has been quoted as saying: “The Patriots’ defense is good, but the numbers are inflated.” Of course, it is a play on words referring to the infamous “Deflate-Gate” scandal. 🙄

Not to mention other sources say, the Eagle’s media is predicting a Patriot win in this rematch. I think that’s because one of their main RBs is hurt. Not to mention, that the Patriots having the current number one defense which could make that a problem. Equally important, for the Pats, the offensive line really needs to protect Brady.

This afternoon, we’ll see who the better team is on the field. Likewise, this is definitely a game that you don’t want to miss!

Injured and Questionable Lists

PlayerPositionInjuryGame Status
Nate EbnerDBAnkle/BackQuestionable
Patrick ChungSHeel/ChestOut
Matt LaCosseTEKneeQuestionable
Danny SheltonDLAnkleQuestionable
John SimonDEElbowQuestionable
Damien HarrisRBHamstringOut
Gunner OlszewskiWRAnkle/HamstringQuestionable
PlayerPositionInjuryGame Status
Nigel BradhamLBAnkleOut
Jason PetersTKnee(-)
Alshon JefferyWRAnkleOut
Jordan HowardRBShoulderQuestionable
Darren SprolesRBQuadricepOut
Rodney McLeodSShoulder(-)

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