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Disaster in Carolina: Recap of Panthers vs Falcons

Sunday was a disaster in Carolina. It was an embarrassing day if you were a fan of the Panthers, and a great day if you are a fan of the Falcons. The Falcons proved that their win against the Saints was not a fluke, as they walked into Bank of America Stadium and beat the Panthers 29-3. This is the first game the Panthers have gone without scoring a touchdown since 2017 in Chicago. So, let’s take a look at where the Panthers went wrong in this game.

Kyle Allen was Atrocious against the Falcons

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After this game, most Carolina fans can say that Allen is not the guy. This past Sunday was by far his worst game, throwing four interceptions, and three of these were drive killers for the team. Allen’s play has been on the decline since the San Francisco game, where he threw three interceptions. This has shown a lot of people within the fan base that maybe they were too quick to throw Cam to the wayside and go with Allen. He has been playing very average football at best, but he has not been winning ball games. The Panthers have won only one game out of four since the return off their bye week, and a lot of fans are scratching their heads, wondering what has gone wrong with their team.

The McCaffrey Show Continues


McCaffrey once again continues to be a consistent player even when the rest of the team seems to be horrible. McCaffrey wrapped up the game on Sunday with 70 rushing yards and 121 receiving. He now has the league best in rushing yards at 1,059 and 517 receiving yards. He is the first player in the history of the NFL with over 1,000 yards rushing and 500 yards receiving in the first ten games of a season. Unfortunately, all of these stats mean nothing for the rest of the team because the Panthers are not winning ball games. With this division loss to the Falcons, the playoff hopes for Carolina are bleaker by the week. It feels like McCaffrey is the only good part of the offense at this moment.

The Defense did their Best Against the Falcons


The Carolina defense did their best to keep the Panthers in the game, but due to the mistakes of a lackluster offense, their efforts were in vain. The pass rush continued to be good for the defense recording three total sacks bumping their season total to 39. The run defense also did their job by holding the Falcons to only 54 rushing yards. The downside is Matt Ryan had a good game and thew for 295 yards. As usual, the Panthers struggle to contain the Atlanta receivers, and Matt Ryan continues his dominance over their division rivals.

Moving Forward


The I-85 Rivalry did not live up to the expectation of a reasonably close game. Leaving many fans in Charlotte in disappointment. Dave Tepper spoke to Charlotte reporters on Monday and stated that he was not going to put up with “mediocrity” for long. This comment has led to a stir of questions on if Ron Rivera is on the hot seat or not. It would make sense to think that Rivera’s job is not secure, and neither is Norv Turner after many questionable play calls. Tepper has expressed that he would love to keep Newton on the team, if at all possible. This shifts the focus from whether the Panthers should keep Cam, to whether the Panthers should keep their head coach. Lots of interesting things are happening in Carolina that everyone should keep an eye on.

Moving on to next week, the Panthers will face off against another division rival, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints bounced back from their loss to the Falcons this Sunday by beating the Buccaneers. The Saints will be playing from the confines of the Superdome, which will continue to be a test for the Panthers who are struggling to play well.

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