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Gordon Hayward Injury Report

Gordon Hayward was looking like his old self this season until he hurt his hand. This is the injury report on Gordon Hayward and his hand. 

Initial Injury

Gordon Hayward was a major key this season on the Celtics. The Celtics need Hayward back as soon as possible because the team has gone downhill since he got hurt. Hayward broke his hand on November 9th and has been out since. He was told he was going to be out of basketball for at least six weeks. 

Gordon Hayward’s Stats This Season

Hayward has been a monster this season, and he was a major part of the Celtics’ winning streak. He has averaged 18.9 points per game, 4.1 assists per game, and 7.1 rebounds per game. He has also been pretty good on defense, averaging .8 steals per game and .2 blocks per game. Hayward was getting his shot back into rhythm, shooting 56% from the field and 43% from the three-point line. Overall, Hayward was playing great, and when he returns I hope he is 100% healthy.

Recent Recovery of Gordon Hayward

Recently, Hayward has told us that he may be ahead of schedule with the injury. Brad Stevens has said Hayward has been doing more non-contact drills lately. Hopefully, it is a speedy recovery for Hayward, but it looks like it is doing better as of lately. Once Hayward returns to the Celtics, the Celtics will be unbeatable once again. 

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