Chicago Bulls Week in Review: 11/25-12/2

Chicago Bulls Weekly Recap        11/25-12/2


The Bulls continue to look disjointed and go extended periods with minimal scoring. Chicago continues to get out rebounded and controlled in the paint. Jim Boylen hasn’t been able to make adjustments throughout the game that help things swing in our direction. If the Bulls are struggling in the paint in the first quarter they will still be struggling in the same area during the fourth quarter. The Bulls won last night but even in that game they blew a 19 point lead and if some shots fell for the Kings late the Bulls would have lost again. All this is showing the disconnect between the Bulls players and coaching staff. Usually when teams come out of timeouts they execute plays and seem to be on the same page for a-bit but that’s not how it is with Chicago. The roster doesn’t fit coach Boylens style and neither he nor the player are adapting to change that.

Zach Lavine has really started to find his rhythm

He has looked great these past 4 games. However, aside from his improvements inconsistency continues to plague Chicago. Lauri shows signs of taking that next step but when Zach Lavine is taking the majority of the shots and getting the most touches he tends to fade back and that goes the same for Zach when Lauri is thriving. Another major inconsistency has been at point guard. Jim Boylen continues to be all over the place with who gets the minutes and that has caused Coby White who thrived at the start of the season to be very hot and cold. 

Record this past week


Stats Leaders 

  • PPG Zach Lavine 27.5 
  • RPG Wendell Carter 9.25
  • APG Tomas Satoransky 6.25

Overall take away

Watching them play this past week has infuriating, as talented as this roster is there is a major lack of chemistry. Instead of spreading the ball out they take a lot of horrible shots after just dribbling once and pulling up. I don’t see this team improving much the rest of this season unless we either see a coaching change or chemistry built between Boylen and the roster. 

Upcoming Schedule 12/3-12/10

  • 12/4 Grizzlies
  • 12/6 Warriors
  • 12/8 Heat
  • 12/9 Raptors 

Central Division Standings 

  • Milwaukee Bucks 18-3
  • Indiana Pacers 13-7
  • Detroit Pacers 7-13
  • Chicago Bulls 7-14
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 5-14

Currently the Bulls have the 8th worst record in the NBA and are inline to have yet another lottery pick.

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