"> Cleveland Cavaliers Mock Draft: 6th pick in first round

Cleveland Cavaliers 2020 Mock Draft

Cleveland Cavaliers 2020 Mock Draft

The Cavs have the 4th worst record and when i randomized the lottery teams they ended up with the 6th pick. The Cavs second round pick goes to the Hornets

Cleveland Cavaliers 2020 Mock Draft

Players Already Gone

Cleveland Cavaliers 2020 Mock Draft
  • Knicks – LaMelo Ball
  • Warriors – James Wiseman
  • Bulls – Anthony Edwards
  • Grizzlies – RJ Hampton
  • Hawks – Deni Avdija

Cavs Needs: Help on the wing, Shooting

Players i would have on my big board for the 6th Pick:

  • Jaden Mcdaniels, Washington
  • Josh Green, Arizona
  • Obi Toppin, Dayton

Final 2 on my big board for the 6th pick

  • Obi Toppin
  • Jaden Mcdaniels

Obi has shot up the draft boards over the past 2 weeks and looks like the real deal. He’s a pf that can play sf. I question if hes the type of wing the cavs need. They need a player that can spread the floor and Obi loves to get inside and score. Jaden on the other hand can spread floor and play both inside and out. His down side is that he is pretty raw but he should grow into a solid Nba Player.

I think Obi Toppin has the higher upside and is ready to contribute at the next level but his style is a lot like Kevin love with a little Tristan Thompson in his game so i dont know if he would be the best fit. Cleveland has went with best available the last few drafts and that has jammed them up at the guard position. This year they need to go with best fit.

This is why i lean towards Jaden Mcdaniels:
  • Can shoot the ball at a high level
  • Runs the floor well
  • He is a dynamic scorer
  • Perfect build for a wing

After much discussion and scouting the pick is in:

Adam Silver: “With the 6th pick in the 2020 Nba draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers Select Jaden Mcdaniels from Washington

Cleveland Cavaliers 2020 Mock Draft

Jaden Mcdaniels

He would be huge for the Cavs due to his length and ability to spread the floor. Jaden is 6’11 and can shoot the ball, run the floor and can move without the ball.He is still raw so his rookie season may not be stellar but once he matures and grows into the Nba he will be a very strong piece for the Cavs. He is also the type of player Coach Beilein loves to have on his roster.

Draft take away

The Cavaliers may do some trading this off season but as of now this is how i would draft for them this season. In the past two drafts they picked Garland and Sexton and that was based on best available. Now they have two players who both naturally are point guards trying to work together in the Back court. Due to that they need to make sure they are filling needs this season if they want to move forward.

Cleveland Cavaliers 2020 Mock Draft


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