Reporting From Club Dub: Bears Hand Dallas Their 3rd Straight Loss

I won’t lie, I was expecting a Bears loss and for Mitch to come back to reality. Luckily, I was wrong. Mitch Trubisky looked like the QB we all hope he can be for the next five years, and Chicago got the “W.” Does that mean Mitch will torch Green Bay and Kansas City? Not necessarily, but it means is he has that confidence back. A Mitch that is confident and has that swag is a very dangerous QB. Let’s break down this 31-24 victory:


Reporting From Club Dub: Bears hand Dallas their 3rd Strait Loss

Last night, Chicago showed that “Monsters of the Midway’ toughness and the ability to fight back and overcome obstacles. This hasn’t been the case for most of the season. Usually, when they are struggling or making mistakes, it just keeps piling up until there is no way to climb out of that hole.

To start the game, Chicago’s defense got punched in the mouth, and Mitch made a poor decision. In most other games this season, the Bears would have continued that trend and just go downhill. However, last night, Mitch was confident throughout his struggles, Coach Nagy continued to open the playbook, and the defense pushed back. That may sound simple, but that’s why we won. We didn’t accept defeat and continued to punch the Cowboys over and over until they were the ones to crumble.

Mitch Shows off his Athleticism 

When Mitch gets out of the pocket and can show off his athleticism, things are going well for Chicago. Just like last night, when he got outside and extended the play. It means the O-line is giving him proper protection, along with Coach Nagy putting trust in Mitch by opening up the playbook and giving him the freedom to utilize all of his skills. Mitch had ten rushes for 63 yards gaining first downs, giving Mitch very manageable third downs.

Reporting From Club Dub: Bears hand Dallas their 3rd Strait Loss

Defense Down 4 Starters? No Problem 

To start the game, they were down Hicks, Trevathan, and Prince. After the first drive of the game, Roquan Smith went down with a pectoral injury. Even with all of that, this team didn’t skip a beat with the backups in place.

Zeke got going early, but they quickly were able to close pocket, get penetration, and neutralize his impact on the game. They continued all game to explode towards the ball and always were one step ahead of the Cowboys. Chicago still struggled to create interceptions, but they covered deep and minimized yards after the catch.

Great win for Chicago, but we now have a very tough road ahead if we want to make up some ground and get into the playoffs. With three games remaining, we will need “MVP” Mitch to do his thing and beat the Packers, Chiefs, and Vikings and hope that is enough to snag the final wild-card spot.

See you all next weekend in Green Bay!

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