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Should the Patriots Sign Dez Bryant?

The Patriots receiving core has been weak this season because of injuries and forced cuts. Should the Patriots sign Dez Bryant to the team?


Dez Bryant is a good deep threat receiver, and he could be a perfect fit in New England. He has had an alright attitude his whole career, and he is an experienced, veteran receiver. The last season Dez played, he racked up 69 receptions, for 838 receiving yards, and six touchdowns.

Tom Brady requires another receiver that he can trust to do everything right. Bryant is a physically strong receiver, and he could be a considerable threat to opposing defenses. He is nearing old age at age 31, but it could be a great way to go out. 


Bryant may want a lot of money that New England does not have. If he takes a pay cut of four or five million dollars, he will probably sign with New England. Near the end of his career, he was declining production, so who knows if he will come into New England as the Dez we all knew. With the young receivers and the culture in New England. Do the Patriots want to add a player who can get emotional at times?

Conclusion on Dez Bryant

The Patriots might want to look into signing Bryant. He could be a significant key to New England, and if he controls his emotions, he would be a tremendous addition to the receiving core. Belicheck requires a deep threat, and Bryant could be that one addition that they have been missing this whole time.

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