Milwaukee Bucks 2020 Mock Draft

Milwaukee Bucks 2020 Mock Draft

Milwaukee Bucks 2020 Mock Draft: The Bucks are not a lottery team, so their draft spot is based on record. However, their 29th draft pick goes to Boston.

Don’t worry! They still have a draft pick in the 20th spot due to a trade with the pacers.

Players Already Gone:

The Bucks need: A shot creation, a SG who can move without the ball, and a starting SG

Players I would have on my Big Board for the 20th pick:

  • Scottie Lewis, Florida
  • AJ Lawson, South Carolina
  • Bryan Antoine, Villanova

Top 2 on my Big Board:

  • Scottie Lewis
  • AJ Lawson

AJ Lawson isn’t as flashy as Scottie, and his ceiling may not be as high but he is NBA ready and would be an immediate upgrade. This kid is very good at moving without the ball along with scoring off the dribble. My concern with him is that he is very turnover prone. This is an issue because point guard, Eric Bledsoe also has the same problem. Having a turnover prone back court would not help the Bucks move forward.

On the other hand, Scottie Lewis is a potential super star in the making. Watching him in the open court, and getting to the bucket is truly special. He and Giannis would be a highlight reel waiting to happen. Lewis is great at pushing the pace, and he gets most defenders on skates with his speed and handles. Along with being explosive and getting to the basket, he has a solid shot. Scottie does need to work on his threes, but the mechanics are there. Defensively Scottie gives it his all on every possession. Overall he has work to do, but he has that “IT” Factor.

After much discussion and scouting the pick is in:

Adam Silver: “With the 20th pick in the 2020 NBA draft. The Milwaukee Bucks Select Scottie Lewis out of Florida”

Milwaukee Bucks 2020 Mock Draft

Scottie Lewis

Scottie is raw and will take some time to develop, but his intangibles partnered with the flashes of being a superstar he shows on the court makes drafting him worth it. I like him for the Bucks because he adds another explosive player, which would open up more opportunities for Giannis with Scottie pulling a defender off when he explodes to the hoop.

I can picture it now, Socottie charging in the lane, blowing by his defender and then the defender on Giannis has to close in to guard Lewis. Right when this happens the Greek Freak cuts base line wide open for a rim shaking dunk.

Draft Take Away

There is a good chance Scottie takes off as the college season moves on and really shines in March. If that happens, he may not be available at 20. However, if he is still around then the Bucks got themselves a Diamond in the rough.

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