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Patriots vs Chiefs Recap Week 14

The Patriots vs Chiefs was a game that was fought until the end. This is the recap on the Patriots vs Chiefs game. 


The reffing was terrible in the Patriots vs. Chiefs game. The refs mistakenly called N’Keal Harry out of bounds when he had clearly not stepped out of bounds. The referee’s mistake cost the Patriots a touchdown. Travis Kelce clearly fumbled the ball, and Stephon Gilmore picked it up for a score. The refs called Kelce down, and the Patriots challenged the play so it could be overturned, but it was not. These two major plays cost the Patriots the game last night. 

Also, a ball was thrown up to Phillip Dorsett, and the cornerback clearly grabbed his hands before the ball got there, but there was no flag. The refs were just terrible last night and cost the Patriots some big plays that could have won them the game. 

The Patriots Offense

The offense for New England was not well last night. The defense and special teams played great last night against the Chiefs, but the offense did not. Tom Brady’s throws were off, and the offensive line was not blocking that well. There were a lot of big hits on Brady, and it was partially due to the offensive line. If the line could have blocked some of the screens, runs, and passes better than that could have been a different game. 


The Chiefs are a successful team in the NFL, and they are great. The Patriots should have won that game was night, but now we have to focus on the weeks ahead. The Patriots till have a chance to win the division. They can still make it to the Super Bowl. The offense needs to get there head on straight because trick plays won’t always work.

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