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The Houston Texans with a no show vs the Broncos

After the biggest regular-season win in Houston Texans history, the Texans came in on the highest of notes. They were 8-4 leading there division and still in the hunt for the second seed. The four-win Denver Broncos were coming to Houston, and most felt this game would not be close.

They were right; it was a blowout just not by the division-leading Texans. Teams are now 1-7 in the last eight games after wins over the Patriots, so maybe we should have seen this coming.

The beginning was the end for the Texans

The one issue that has plagued the Texans all year has been their slow starts. This game magnified that issue to a new level. The Texans were down 14-0 before all the fans were in their seats. A 14 yard TD to Noah Fant from rookie Drew Lock was the first score of the day. Lock was starting only his second game of his career, but you couldn’t after this drive.

Then former Texan Kareem Jackson got his revenge early with a 70-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. Where Deshawn Williams initially recovered the fumble and handed it off to Jackson, who returns it the rest of the way.

The second quarter wasn’t much better as Lock continues to carve the same Texans defense that shut down Tom Brady the week before. The Broncos would go on to score as they lead 31-3 at the half. Lock finish the half with 3 touchdown passes, and for all intents and purposes, this game was over.

Second Half not much better

The Texans defense struggled mightily in the first half, but the offense wasn’t much better. After looking like world-beaters the week before vs. the Patriots, the offense couldn’t get anything going vs. the Broncos. The second half started like the first half ended with another Broncos touchdown to stretch the lead. Deshaun Watson and the offense finally were able to get into the endzone when he hit DeAndre Hopkins for a 43-yard touchdown pass. The problem is the Broncos were already up 38-3 at the time.

The Texans would go on to give up 391 total yards to one of the worst offenses in the NFL. The offense put together a few more touchdown drives to end the game, but it was too little too late. The Texans would go on to lose 38-24 in a game that was nowhere near as close as the final score.

Looking forward to next week

The Texan’s inconsistent history, unfortunately, reared its ugly head. One week you dominate the 10-1 Patriots. Everyone feeling good, and we’re hopeful the Texans finally turn the corner. They then go out and lay a major egg vs. the Broncos, and now the division is in jeopardy.

Now the Houston Texans head to face the Tennessee Titans who, with a win, today will be tied for the division lead. The Texans face the Titans two of the next three weeks. Those games will more likely determine who wins the division and maybe even who finds themselves in the playoffs. Who knows what the Texans team will show up next week its a classic case of Jekel and Mr. Hyde

Houston Texans vs Tenessee Titans Dec.15th 12 PM CBS

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