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Here We Go Again! Another Controversy!

The New England Patriots are in yet again another controversy! USA Today Sports is calling it Spygate 2.0. Playing off the 2007 Spygate controversy where the New York Jets accused the team of cheating. This time the accusation came from the Cincinnati Bengals. They said that someone from the Patriots organization was videotaping the Bengals from the sideline. The Patriots admit this is true, but the person was not there for what they’ve been accused of.

The Patriots Twitter Statement.

To sum that up:

The Patriots statement basically says this was one big mix up. They claim their video crew was there to get film footage for their in-house series “Do Your Job.” Which covers various jobs in the organization and is independent of the football operations side of things. This particular episode would be covering a scout. The camera crew was there to record footage of an advanced scout.

The NFL has stated that they hope to have this situation resolved by the end of the week. While we wait for that, I’ll voice my opinion.

My personal thoughts about this controversy…

I think that this accusation will only make the Patriots a stronger team. Look at everything from Deflategate in 2015, the first Spygate in 2007 and now this, has made the other teams that are accusing look more desperate. Not to mention, Brady was suspended for 4 regular-season games because of Deflategate and the Pats still won the Superbowl that year. Either way, the haters are still going to hate and Patriots Nation will still stand tall with their team.

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