Chicago Bulls Week in Review:12/3-12/10

Chicago Bulls Week in Review:12/3-12/10


What can we really say about the Bulls? another week went by and we have the same story. In their one win they blew a 22 point lead and were lucky to come away with the win. In Chicago’s 3 losses the average number of points they lost by was just under 3 points. This team cant close out a game. This is due to a few things and one of those issues is lacking a true leader. Yes Lavine puts up points but hes not the guy you can trust with the game on the line. When the game gets close they become even sloppier and it slips away from them.

In this past weeks losses they trade off struggling in 1 of these 2 statistical areas. Fast break points or points in the paint. Bulls cant stop teams that push the pace in transition and they have zero paint presence so the teams were able to pick them apart in the paint with their big men or guards getting lane penetration. I dont just blame the players for these issues it is also Coach Boylens fault. He continues to change the rotations and mess with the minutes. When you watch a game its evident this team has no chemistry between the coaching staff and the players.

Poor point Guard play

Boylen continues to switch Satoransky and White as the main point guard on this team. In these 4 games Coby had a few games with 18-20 minutes and the others he played 32-34 minutes. We saw no consistency this past week in the minutes played or the out put by both guards. Neither of them our leaders on the court. When the games got close it should have been Tomas or coby to slow the game down cut off opponents momentum and get a play going, We didnt see that at all once again this week,

This weeks Records


Stats Leaders

  • PPG Zack Lavine 22.5
  • RPG Wendell Carter 10.25
  • APG Tomas Satoransky 7

Overall Take Away

The most frustrating thing about watching the Bulls play this past week was that nothing changed, We continue to make the same errors and when the game is close with 3-4 minutes left we still are plating sloppy basketball with no set plays being executed. Its going to be another long years for us fans.

Upcoming Schedule

  • 12/11 Hawks
  • 12/13 Hornets
  • 12/4 Clippers
  • 12/16 Thunder

Central Division Standings

  • Bucks 21-3
  • Pacers 15-9
  • Pistons 10-14
  • Bulls 8-17
  • Cavs 5-18

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