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Week 15: New England Patriots vs Cincinnati Bengals

Only three games left to the regular season, how will the New England Patriots end it? They are 10-3 coming into week 15 against the Cincinnati Bengals (1-12).

With this Sunday’s game, the Patriots have to win to clinch a playoff berth. Baltimore needs the Patriots to lose so that they can have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and a first-round bye. Of course, they also need the Steelers to lose or tie to clinch the AFC North, but let’s go back to New England. Their only enemy right now is themselves. It would be sad for them not to get a playoff berth losing to a 1-12 team.


According to Paul Perillo ( writer), the Bills loss to the Ravens allowed New England to remain atop the AFC East standings at 10-3, a game ahead of 9-4 Buffalo. The Ravens (11-2) win means Baltimore is now a game ahead of the Patriots and in control of the tiebreaker. That means the Ravens will need to lose two of their remaining three games for the Patriots to have a chance at the top seed.

Houston’s (8-5) loss keeps the Patriots two games ahead of the Texans while the Chiefs (9-4) are now just a game back. Both hold the tiebreaker on New England, so the Patriots may need to win out in order to hold off Kansas City for the second seed and last first-round bye.

With that said…Let’s look at Sunday’s matchup in week 15

The Pats take their last road trip of the regular season to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Game time is 1 pm EST. This game should be all Patriots. There isn’t much to say except they better bring their A-game. If the Bengals are as bad as reported, New England should be dominating all three phases of the game.

BTW: Still No Word from the NFL about Spygate 2.0. But I will bring you up to date as soon as it happens.

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