Must Win: Bears vs Packers Preview

Bears vs Packers Preview: three straight wins and three straight 240 plus passing yard games for Mitch Trubisky and the Bears. They have moved closer to the playoffs but still have a lot of work to do and they need help from several other teams. Obviously they can’t control what the other teams do; they only can control how they play on that field. This Sunday they need to ride this momentum and take it to their Rivals up North. Here is how they beat the Cheese Heads:

Get Mitch Using His Legs Early

Yes, Mitch’s arm has been leading the Bears to these wins, but it’s his legs that creates all of these opportunities. Most games this season, Mitch has dealt with third and long over and over. This made Mitch have to force these 10-12 yard passes when that’s not his strength. He is an intermediate yardage quarterback so when he uses his legs and gets these yards knocked out early, he then has a manageable third and about three. A lot of this comes down to Nagy’s play calling. He needs to create the holes, timing and the plays that get Mitch outside scrambling.

Get Rodgers on the Frozen Tundra Often

This one is simple because if you give Rodgers time in the pocket, he will pick you apart, and once he gets comfortable, it’s game over. In their first meeting this year, Chicago sacked him five times and it wasn’t enough. However, it gave the Bears a chance to win, but the offense couldn’t put points on the boards. If we can limit them to 10 points again, the Bears should win this game. This won’t be easy though with Roquan Smith out and Trevathan’s status up in the air. They should have Hicks back, but who knows how much of an impact he will have. Because of this, Mack and Kwiatkoski need to come up big early and often.

Take Chances

Chicago’s playing to try and extend their season hopefully getting into the playoffs. If they, lose they are done, so Sunday’s game isn’t the time to play it safe. Coach Nagy has played scared most of the season which is different from last year. Sunday he needs to go for it on fourth and short, he needs to trust Mitch and he needs to trust in the run game. I get why he has played conservative at times this season. However, that’s not his style and that is not what he learned under Andy Reid. Another reason to take some risks is that the Bears can’t lose this game look back and think “if Nagy only didn’t go for the Field Goal.”


This is the game where we see what this Bears team is all about. Are they a team that looks good against lesser opponents and crumbles against the top few tiers of the league? Or are the Bears a formidable team that can do damage in the playoffs? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

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Must Win: Bears vs Packers Preview

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