Kobe Bryant vs Kyle Lowry: Player of the Decade

Kobe vs Lowry: The Black Mamba vs Kyle Lowry. What a lopsided match up this one looks to be. We have one of the greatest to ever do it against Kyle Lowry who helped bring a title up North to the Toronto Raptors. Lets break this one down.

Pros of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant vs Kyle Lowry: Player of the Decade
Titles with and without Shaq

Yes Shaq was in LA when they won two titles (2000,2002) but Kobe also did it without the big man in 2009,2010. This shows Kobes dominance being able to win without the Diesel dominating down low. It doesn’t mean Kobe lacked a great supporting cast post Shaq but Kobe was the reason they won those titles.

18 time All Star

18 all star games is impressive and puts Kobe in second place all time behind Kareem for most selection all time. The most impressive part of this is his 2000-2016 run of making an all star game every season.

The Mamba Mentality

Not many players have ever been as strong a competitor as he was. From scoring 81 points to shooting free throws with a torn Achilles Kobe never backed down. He was always first to the gym and last to leave holding his teammates to these same expectations.

Cons of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant vs Kyle Lowry: Player of the Decade
To High of exceptions?

Kobe was relentless on his teammates many times seen chewing them out on the bench. Part of being a good leader is holding people accountable but did Kobe do to much? Yes he won titles and he is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history but he also caused alot of enemies and some were teammates.

inconsistent Shooting

Yes Kobe was a great player and always put up points but he wasnt the best shooter. Because of that he had to be a volume shooter. This caused some very ugly performances along with the last few years of his career really falling off.

Pros of Kyle Lowry

Kobe Bryant vs Kyle Lowry: Player of the Decade
Exceeding expectations

Kyle was picked 24th out of Villanova and he really didnt have much hype behind him. It took him 6 season to take off and he has averaged around 15/6 every season since. Lowry is a hard worker and his constant improvements show the work he puts in on and off the court. He is now a 5 time All Star and Nba Champ

Makes his teammates better

Lowry has great court vision and high basketball iq. Because of this his teammates thrive with him at point guard. Hets them open and takes the focus off of them.

Cons of Kyle Lowry

Struggles in big games

Yes he shined last season in the Finals next to Kawhi but up to that point he consistently faded when the lights were on him. He was pegged as a playoff choker constantly falling apart when the Raptors needed him the most.

Needing a star next to him to thrive

Kyle lowry struggled until he was next to Demar Derozan and the focus was off of him. Kyrie has yet to show he is a star and that he can lead a team. He has shown to be a good Robin but can he be Batman?


This will be one of the more lop sided match ups we see. Kyle is a great role player but Kobe is one of the greatest players of all time. I dont see a huge upset happening in this one.



Kobe Bryant vs Kyle Lowry: Player of the Decade

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