Tim Duncan vs Kevin Love: Player of the Decade

Love Vs Duncan: This is a match-up of two players that arnt flashy but get the job done. The big difference is that many believe Duncan is underrated and Love is overrated. Tim Duncan was known as the Big Fundamental because of his ability to do everything at a high level. He made everyone around him a better player throughout his career. Kevin Love always has been hated on for not doing enough or not fitting in with his teammates but statistically he is one of the most consistent players of the decade. Lets breakdown these two high level Big Men to see who should get your vote.

Pros For Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan vs Kevin Love: Player of the Decade

5 NBA titles:

Tim Duncan was apart of a dynasty in San Antonio stretching from 99-2014. Yes they had one of the best coaches of all time and a stacked team but it was Duncan that held it all together. In The last title win of Duncans career they even beat Lebron and the Heat.

8 time All Defensive first team:

Yes Duncan was a double double machine averaging one 13 seasons straight. With that said defensively you could always count on him to play lock down defense and battle for those defensive rebounds over the opponents best big man.

15 time NBA All Star

Out of 19 seasons Tim was selected to the All Star game 15 times . This shows the consistency that he played with throughout his career. Not many things can be counted on in the NBA but during his run you could always count on Duncan having a strong season and giving the Spurs a shot at the title.

Cons of Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan vs Kevin Love: Player of the Decade
3/5 Finals MVP

the last two finals Mvp awards were won by Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard. some may look to this showing he was past his prime after the 2005 finals.

He was a product of the Spurs system

Would Duncan have been able to lead a team to the Finals if he wasnt on the Spurs? Some have argued that he had so much success because Coach Popovich and the team that was around him. He has had several all stars/future hall of famers next to him throughout his career.

Pros of Kevin Love

5 time All Star

Kevin Love made his first All Star team only a few seasons after his rookie year. By then he was a double/double force in the NBA.With his size and shooting ability he can dominate inside or on the perimeter.

Helped win a title for Cleveland

Kevin may not have had the best Finals but he was a big part of helping Lebron fulfill that title promise to Cleveland.

He can do it all

Kevin Love is a double/double machine, has won a three point shoot out and has led the NBA in rebounds. He is the type of players every coach wants because he is an impact player on both sides of the court.

Cons of Kevin Love

Tim Duncan vs Kevin Love: Player of the Decade
Trouble with teammates

Kevin throughout his career has had issues with teammates and even coaches. He doesnt fit in or he doesnt try to build that chemistry. Whether its true or not he hasnt shown that he can be the leader of a team

Injury Prone

In his 11 full seasons he only has played in over 70 games 5 times. It may not be his fault but it is still a big factor that you have to consider in these all decade match ups


This should be a rather easy match up. Tim Duncan is one of the best players to ever step on that court. Kevin Love is a great talent but if he ever wants to be close to Duncan he has a lot of work to do.



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