No SuperBowl Shuffle for the Chicago Bears

Chicago was on a three-game winning streak and had to keep that winning streak up to have a shot at the playoffs. Unfortunately, they saw a step up in competition vs. Green Bay, and even though they put up a fight, it just wasn’t enough. Let’s break down the 21-13 loss:

Couldn’t Find Consistency on Offense

No SuperBowl Shuffle for the Chicago Bears

Chicago started the game with three straight punts and a turnover on downs. They had some completions during the opening few offensive drives but they failed to go vertical. This was followed by a Packer touch down and we were playing catch up the rest of the game. Mitch Threw for two interceptions and the running game never opened up the field enough to make an impact.

Could stop the big play

Between a Rodgers 17 yard scramble, Kemrow 49 yard catch, and an Adams 34-yard catch, the Bears defense could not stop the big play. They would hold up tough and look like they would be going three and out, but then the Bears defense would get burned. The Bears were lucky 21 points is all that their defense gave up. However, It was those big yardage plays that set up the touchdowns, putting the pressure on the Offense.

To Much Mitch

In the Bears previous three wins, Mitch averaged 36 pass attempts. Yesterday he had 53 attempts. All season we have seen when Mitch throws the ball 45-55 times that we lack balance offensively. It also means Mitch and the Bears are forcing the pass and making a lot of lateral attempts vs. going downfield. Mitch is not a quarterback that can have those high pass attempts and be successful. From the opening series, we were passing laterally and looked disjointed. Unfortunately, that never changed.


Chicago has two games left, but their playoff hopes have been dashed. They now need to build on next season and close the season on a positive note. Its been a rough season as a Bears fan, especially after the hope from last season. Stay tuned as Chicago plays the Chiefs next Sunday Night.

No SuperBowl Shuffle for the Chicago Bears

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