Bulls weekly recap 12/11-12/17


This has been another interesting week for Chicago Bulls where they finished the week 2-2. The Bulls blew a late lead last night vs OKC and lost. The Bulls were better this week at holding onto the lead than in previous contests. The Bulls started the week with a huge win against the Hawks followed by a Saturday night win vs the Clippers. Leonard and three other Clippers players were out but it was still a good win for the Bulls.

Are they improving?

Yes, the Bulls went 2-2 and beat the Clippers but when I watch them play I dont see much of a difference week to week. They still get outrebounded, lose the turnover battle and they lack chemistry on and off the court. This team has a very strong young core but until they have chemistry with the coaching staff nothing will improve. However, its not just on the coaching. We lack leadership, Zach Lavine is supposed to be our go to guy but when the lights shine he turns it over or just forces a poor shot.

This weeks Record


Stats Leaders

  • PPG Zach Lavine 29
  • RPG Wendell Carter 9.25
  • APG Tomas Satoransky 4.4

Overall Take away

I am trying not to be negative every week. Chicago did go 2-2 and beat the Clippers so those are better results then they have been getting. What really matters is if they build upon there wins.

With that said, What bothers me the most is that they beat the Clippers then followed it up by blowing a big lead vs the Thunder. If they are not going to get momentum after a big win at home then why should we think they will improve from week to week?

Upcoming Schedule

  • 12/18 Wizards
  • 12/21 Pistons
  • 12/23 Magic


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