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Dion Waiters Cryptic Post

The Dion Waiters story continues as once again his social media activity has made fans question the meaning behind his latest post. Dion Waiters cryptic post Tuesday contained only a peace sign, which was deleted fairly quickly. So what could this post mean?

Waiters stats this year include three suspensions, zero minutes played, one bad edible trip, and countless cryptic messages. The relationship between Waiters and Miami is at a point where things are beyond fixing.

Waiters was so impactful when he was on the court for Miami. Unfortunately, injuries have impacted him greatly over the last couple of years. It seems very unlikely that Miami finds a way to get rid of Waiters in the near future.

Possible Ways Out

Any trade involving Waiters would most likely include giving up an asset in which Miami has no interest in doing. Cutting him would leave to dead money on the roster which in this case is probably the most probable scenario. Waiters has one year remaining on his contract so it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Is the dead money worth the constant headaches from cryptic social media posts? At this point, both sides need a fresh start away from each other as the situation has gotten toxic. I can’t see Waiters ever playing for the Heat again after the way things have gone. It is safe to say both parties involved probably have a mutual regret about signing the contract in 2016.

Dion Waiters cryptic post on Tuesday probably won’t be the last time he takes to social media to voice his frustration.

I’ve seen talks of Waiters being thrown in some trade deals to make the salaries match. A popular destination has been Cleveland in many trade packages as the Cavaliers look to move on from Kevin Love. A possible package could include Waiters, James Johnson, and a future pick for Kevin Love. This would offer the Cavs cap relief and give Miami an interior upgrade. I’m not a huge fan of this because Love’s salary jeopardizes 2021 plans for Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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