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Scouting Report: Amar Sylla

Yep. We continue the 2020 NBA Draft madness. Our next young International star candidate is Amar Sylla, who is likely to fascinate you with his athleticism.

Who is he?

Amar Sylla is a 19-year-old basketball player, but I think he’s over his age with the pros in the game. Born in Dakar, one of Senegal’s partly developed cities, Sylla was brought up in a family that was intertwined with sports. He played football until the age of 11, while most of his cousins preferred track and field and motorsport. But because of the impressive development of his physique, Sylla began playing basketball at the SEED Academy.

In 2015, he proved himself at an NBA camp held by Gorgui Dieng, who is currently playing Minnesota Timberwolves. He then transferred to Real Madrid’s junior team, jumping a step up in his professional basketball career. And this summer, Sylla signed with Oostende of the Belgian League and European competition Basketball Champions League.

By the way, Sylla played 2019 Adidas NGT and he averaged 14.5 points, 7.8 rebounds, and three blocks per game. 6-9 basketball player led the event in blocked shots and was named to the All-Tournament Team.

HEIGHT: 6’9” – 206 cm

WEIGHT: 205 lbs – 92 kg


CURRENT TEAM: Oostende – Belgium


AGE: 18











Language of stats

16-17REAL MADRID46.12.511.25%64.7%50 (1/2)
17-18REAL MADRID79. (4/5)
18-19REAL MADRID812. (1/5)
19-20OOSTENDE247. (13/61)

Yes, at first look, Sylla is not very good at three-point shooting, but he is promising in terms of determination/self-confidence. And again, yes, we can see his amazing of blocks. Let’s even start from there, athletics now!


Standing at 6-foot-9.25 in shoes with a 7-foot-2.25 wingspan and an 8-foot-10 standing reach, Sylla has an ideal physical model, I think. I mean, the width of his spine, chest, shoulders, arms and legs and the fat ratio of those areas is very good.

Amar Sylla ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

His arms and chest muscles are high. The width of his shoulders, the length of her legs and the flexibility of his spine are dazzling. Coordination, basketball IQ, and timing play an important role as he turns them into impressive mobility.

As he moves with the ball during a slam dunk, he reads his opponent’s defense and adjusts his stride accordingly. So Sylla prefers reverse spin if there is a printed defense around the rim, or if there is a hard defense line around the perimeter, he uses screen and adjusts the pitch stiffness/softness accordingly.

He analyses offensive sets very well for layup or dunk in Off ball positions. Using a double screen, split, chin, RAV or cut is effective. In short, he develops his innate immense physical attributes both with his basketball abilities and glorifies them with his basketball intelligence.

His athleticism on defense, my friend, is much more incredible! Even in 3-to-1 positions, he is able to defend well thanks to his quick strides and wide wingspan. Effective in 1-2-2 zone defense, but much more effective in classic isolation defense. He like a guard around the rim, his mobility at the perimeter and post-pick guard defense are very good.


Sylla is a very good rebounding player. Really. His offensive features, I’ll talk about a little bit later, are like a mobile SF or a PF that adjusts the in/out balance well. But he’s like the traditional C player when it comes to rebounding.

20 – Amar Sylla

His biggest plus in rebounding comes from his ability to read positions. After doing his part in the offense, he goes to the painted area and boxes and takes the rebound with his vertical jump timing and fast hands as his team sends the ball to the basket.

In defensive rebounding, he’s usually in the rim and perimeter areas, so he’s doing great with his physical use. I mean, he’s using his wide wingspan to disrupt his opponent’s box. Sylla is valued for preparing coast to coast after taking the short rebound and taking the long rebound and finishing the transition (average: 4.1 seconds).


This is where we talk about one good thing and one bad thing. Let’s start with bad thing.

Sylla has a physical trait that’s over her age, and that affects a lot of things in his playing characteristics well. But, although knowledge of the game is high, his poor experience is the first bad thing about passing. During the isolation, pass to the painted area, while he loses the ball by wobbling against the opponent’s double defense. When he rolls at pick&roll, he loses the ball due to timing when passes to the player who made the cut from baseline.

The good thing is that he can combine ball-handling with game IQ. He drives with his wide hands and quick steps sets in the top or wing zones and pulls the defense over and assists by creating space in a zone and sending the ball there.


When he gets the ball around the rim or perimeter, Sylla has the combination of length, fluidity and quickness to get to the hoop with easy. He integrates long legs, fast hand/foot coordination and high play knowledge best here and is not afraid to attack the defensive line and get in touch.

It’s hard for him to finish with overwhelming explosives, as his muscle aren’t high all over his body. But with his fluid and clever athleticism, he’s pretty good at both finishing and getting fouls.

His inability of strength also limits 6-9 Sylla’s ability to self-create on the paint and around the paint. He is bad at to post up and push opponents on the block, so he tries more on a face-up style when getting the ball on the post.

He’s good at roll and pop. Although Sylla’s hit rate in threes is not high, in the mid-range he makes a difference. Also with his ability to drive overwhelmingly against switch defenses and reverse timing makes a difference.

His hitting rate in threes is low, yes, but his self-confidence and an improved shooting mechanism give me hope. I think the position of the foot is ideal, the angle of the elbows is the ideal position when he waits a few seconds, I mean, after he gets the ball in his hand, Sylla can’t adjust all the angles at the same time and he has a hard time getting the ball out of his hand as wants. Lack of experience.

amar sylla shooting ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

And last point: Really really good at scoring on off-ball motion plays
and adequate scorer off the dribble in the mid-range.


Guys, here we are. Sylla and his unique defensive ability, I think.

20 – Amar Sylla (In the air)

Physics, hand/foot coordination, footwork, game information, on/off ball always running engine, attacking player against him to restrict the area of movement and BLOCK. He has some simple mistakes, because he sometimes makes too eager and mobile, but Sylla is a modern basketball defensive player who can defend five positions.

He can defend the guard by step in perimeter defense. If his opponent has a hard-hard-soft combo, he puts his body, takes contact and be agressive. If guard starts with a soft step, Sylla’s footwork and fast hands doing a great job.

He isn’t just an good rim protector in terms of physical but also in terms of basketball intelligence. Amar Sylla has a great low foul rate (2,1) and his amazing fouls to block rate (1,08 fouls per block), he knows how to play defense without fouling and take a contact; balance verticality, avoiding biting for shooting fakes/screen positions and not fouling unnecessarily going for impossible blocks.

Last Words

Amar Sylla, born in 2001, combines the physical measurements he has with an incredible basketball acumen and engine. Yeah, he’s got a problem with threes and ball handling. And he’s very young as an experience. But the talent he has and the determination to work I think is promising for the Senegalese player’s star potential.

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