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Apex Legends Season 4 – New Legend and Updates

In the age of Battle Royales and free to play multiplayer-only games, the gaming world receives new seasons of games bringing updates, good and bad, as well as brand new content. Apex Legends continues its tradition of massive updates with the brand new Season 4 update.

This one will introduce a brand new weapon to World’s Edge. Many players dislike the new map. Many have expressed disappointment that the original map King’s Canyon has yet to return, but the new map changes and additions to the loot and character pools should keep things fresh for a while longer. The first and most important item coming from the update is the brand new weapon, so let’s start there.

The Sentinel Sniper Rifle: A Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

This seems to be your typical run-of-the-mill sniper until you hear the brand new ability which makes it unlike anything else in the game. The Sentinel Sniper Rifle, when a player has a shield cell equipped, can absorb the shield energy and turn its own shots into energy shots. Through consummation of a shield battery, it enters an energized state and is able to fire large, energy trailed, extra powerful shots at enemies. They are very loud and very visible, so if you’re sneaking around a few full teams solo, it might not be the best idea to energize the weapon. It is not what you might call “stealthy”. However, if you are in a spot to sacrifice shields in exchange for power, the payoff is pretty spectacular. Hit your enemies with this weapon to deal massive damage until your shield power runs out and the energized state ends.

Map Changes

There are four different map changes on the World’s Edge.

Each of these either mildly alters a pre-existing area of the map, such as Capitol City, or adds something entirely new. We won’t get into all the details of the map here, you’ll have to hop in and explore for yourself. There are, however, new additions to the map that affect gameplay outside of the way it looks. Weapon racks are newly added to the map in certain locations, which were seen previously on the shooting range map, and are guaranteed to always contain a gun. These are a fantastic new addition to the map, as it creates a new hot dropping zone. There haven’t been many locations like that in Apex because the map isn’t very big, but these weapon racks are certainly drawing in more attention than most other locations thus far.

A New Legend

The biggest and most interesting addition, of course, is a new legend, Forge Revenant. Revenant is an assassin-type character who brings all-new abilities to the game and has Wraith mains finally switching to something else. Revenant’s abilities are as follows:

Passive: Stalker

Climb higher walls than all other characters, and walk faster while crouching than anyone else.

Tactical: Silence

Revenant is able to throw a device that disables enemy abilities as well as deals damage for 10 seconds.

Ultimate: Death Totem

This item is droppable anywhere on the map and once it is placed, the first member of the squad to die will instead instantly spawn at its location with 1 HP and no items.

We can fully expect a ton of new meta changes with this update, including the endgame shenanigans of players at Apex Predator rank using Revenant to sneak around, disable abilities, and respawn instantly. Speaking of Apex Predator, with the new update this rank is only for the top 500 players on each platform. Master rank is now the highest outside of the top 500 players.

There are a great many different additions, nerfs, and buffs to weapons, legends, attachments, and more (including the introduction of Sniper Rifle Ammo!) that you can read in the Apex Legends Season 4 patch notes here.

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