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Scouting Profile: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty

Coming out of Liberty University is a prospect who is one of my favorite players in the NFL Draft. Antonio Gandy-Golden is a receiver that is going to likely get overlooked by a lot of teams due to bigger names in the receiving class. But do not sleep on Golden because he has a lot of talent that teams should take notice of. Let’s take a look at what makes this prospect tick.

Games watched: Idaho State, Syracuse, New Mexico State, and Colorado

The Good


One of Golden’s biggest talents, is his ability to go up and come down with the 50/50 ball. This is his most impressive trait! He does a phenomenal job by using his strength and his big hands to come down with the ball. This is such a valuable trait to carry over into the pros. Second, he fights for the yards after the catch. Countless times throughout the last two seasons he has made the catch, lowered his shoulder, and kept the legs churning. He averages around 19 yards after the catch, so this is something he excels at. The reason he is so good after the catch is because he his smart when it comes to positioning his feet when he comes down with the ball. When he lands he makes sure that his feet are in a perfect position to turn up field and get the most yards after the catch that he can.

The Bad


When it comes to weaknesses he doesn’t have many that are noticeable. One weakness that I see is can he run all the routes in the book? The only routes that he ran on the regular were slants, screens, and post patterns. I’m curious to see if he can run a few more routes. Second, his run blocking needs a good deal of improvement. He is not the best at it and he often fails to seal off lanes on the outside for the running backs.

Pro Comparison

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The reason I chose Stefon Diggs as the pro comparison is because of the 50/50 ball. Diggs is one of the best in the league when it comes to getting those throws that are up for grabs. Diggs is more skilled in other parts of his game but I believe Golden can get to that level.

Final Thoughts


Overall I really like Gandy-Golden. He is a beast of a wide receiver. This guy has big hands and a big frame that can make catches through the middle of the field. His ability to go up for the 50/50 ball is really impressive. I can see Golden getting drafted on Day Two of the Draft. Because of the huge amount of depth for receivers in this Draft I can see him falling to the second day or the third day. No matter where he goes he is going to be a steal in this draft.

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