Marlins Desperately Spin Tires, Trying to Attract Fans

The Miami Marlins finished at the bottom of the bucket in attendance once again this past season. As a matter of fact, the Marlins were only able to muster 10,016 fans per home game. Overall, the Marlins haven’t been able to attract many fans since the team first started in 1993. As a result, you see a Miami baseball club desperately trying to gain traction in the beautiful city.

Stepping aside from the business standpoint, the actual business on the field hasn’t been pretty either. The Marlins finished last in the competitive division of the NL East. Their overall record this past season stood just at 57-105 (.352). This is the teams’ worst winning percentage in the last five years. And as the NL East continues to evolve for playoff contention, the Marlins are slipping behind.

The problems don’t stop just at the execution and expectation of the players, but also the front office. The Marlins made the switch to Marlins Park in 2012, and success sure didn’t follow them. Miami has also switched from multiple owners, as the biggest being with Jeffery Loria to Jeter. Derek Jeter, backed by billionaire Bruce Sherman, closed a $1.2 billion deal that made them owners of the franchise. This marks the fourth owner the franchise has had since its beginning in 1993.

Multiple top-tier players have also been traded from the Miami club in recent years. Giancarlo Stanton might just be the most notable of these, however, there is plenty more. Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, and J.T. Realmuto are among others that the Marlins have let walk. To show the significance of these trades, Stanton is regarded as one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball, and Yelich was in the top three in the NL MVP voting last season. These are no doubt some of the worst decisions in MLB history. 

As a result of all these problems, the Marlins are now freezing the prices for tickets. Miami will continue to offer seats for $10 per seat for every game and almost half of the tickets below $25. In addition to this change, the Marlins have also lowered their parking prices as well. Fans will now be able to park for $15 on weekdays and in advance for weekends. Adding up to $20 at the gate.

Yes, you heard right, the cheapest prices are setting in for Miami as they search for fan attention in downtown Florida. This glowing discrepancy has certainly not gone unnoticed by the Marlins’ front office, however, the winning ways have got to start. CEO of TicketMaster Tony Knopp said that “ticketing is such a small piece of revenue now”. The Marlins are clearly just not getting it done on the field and you can place the blame on multiple sources in Miami. Once the Marlins establish new ways to win and revamp their roster, you can expect more of the same. Hope, however, does lie in the popular city of Miami with fans following winners. The message for the Marlins is clear, create a foothold and give something exciting for the fans.

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