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Kris Bryant is Molded Perfectly for the NL East

The NL East division of the MLB could use the once-MVP Cub, Kris Bryant. The MLB off-season made huge splashes, with the trade of Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The deal has reminded us that teams are willing to make moves to make its payroll compatible. Well before the Betts trade ever took shape, Bryant’s name was swirling around a multitude of teams. Most of them being from the east, two to three clubs have been in talks or could use Bryant.

In the NL East division, each team has a spot on their roster for Bryant. Whether they can afford or willing to do business with the Cubs or not. If they are, however, Bryant could help them climb to the top of contention. In the National League, contending for the World Series title won’t be easy by any stretch. The Betts trade has put the Dodgers on top of the conference, so teams need that extra star power to contend and possibly beat LA.

Atlanta Braves

For the Atlanta Braves, it’s all about a title. Atlanta has already shown that they’re willing and able to spend. A one-year deal with Marcell Ozuna proved just that. The deal solved the discrepancy of the 4-hole spot in the Braves’ offense. The offensive pop was prevalent throughout the entirety of the regular season. Just not so much in the playoffs, where it really mattered. Thus, the Cardinal outfielder, who also played for the Miami Marlins, is now joining the Braves to help them secure another NL east title.

The Braves have also signed back Mike Foltynewicz to avoid arbitration. Folty pitched pretty well last season, despite the disappointing end in the playoffs. Atlanta has high hopes this season and their impulses may push the Bryant deal in the favor. Their decision doesn’t only rest in their bank account, but in the current resident of the hot corner. Johan Camargo has been rather streaky with his performance thus far, which may promote action. The deal could possibly push the Braves’ offense over the top and propel their playoff run.

Philadelphia Phillies

Now, for the brotherly love city in Philadelphia, where the Phillies want their money to start producing. The money man Bryce Harper, was paid $330 million over the course of 13 years. His season wasn’t horrible last season by any means, with a slashing line consisting of .260/35/114. Harper, however, was unable to find his way back to a place where we know him best. The All-Star game was without Harper’s presence, meaning that the expectations weren’t met. 

This Phillies team had higher hopes for themselves but didn’t even make the playoffs. To give Harper some slack, he could use some help in the offensive role. Philadelphia made a necessary change to combat this as they signed former Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius. But, more offensive star power is most likely needed for a successful run in the NL East. That’s something that Bryant is more than capable of offering, a .282/31/77 slash line can certainly back that up. Philadelphia is a city that’s only going to back up a winner. If they don’t have one, they will certainly let you know. Several occasions appeared throughout the year with fans booing Harper at the plate and voicing their frustration. The people of Philadelphia are what drives this deal, if there is one.

(E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune)

Washington Nationals

Now for the reigning World Series champs, the Washington Nationals. With the dismissal of star third basemen and NL MVP front runner, Anthony Rendon. Backing up and duplicating Rendon’s MVP type season is going to be extremely tough in the nation’s capital. Someone who relinquished their stay with the Nationals, however, was Stephen Strasburg. The pitching staff for Washington was nothing short of phenomenal, and with Strasburg intact, the playoff hopes are well alive. The wins came mostly from the second half of the season by only three runs or less. If that doesn’t display pitching dominance, I don’t know what does.

The offense might be the missing piece to the puzzle in the Nationals back to back titles. The weight will be on Juan Soto’s shoulders, who, besides Rendon, propelled the Washington offense. Already there to help is the highly remarkable fan-favorite Ryan Zimmerman. Though he only played in 52 games, the Nats are confident that he can return to his old self and step back into a vital position. To combat the offensive woes that Washington may have this upcoming season, Kris Bryant at the hot corner would no doubt help. In order for the Nationals to repeat as champions, Bryant’s bat in the lineup is greatly needed.

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